Routeco & CoreTigo Revolutionise UK Factory Automation

by | Jul 6, 2023

To meet the rising demand for Industry 4.0 factory automation solutions, a new partnership has been created between Routeco & CoreTigo.

Engaging in a strategic partnership to revolutionize the factory automation field in the UK, the two companies agreed on pursuing a joint effort, leaping industrial automation forward and creating numerous new applications and capabilities. By doing so, Routeco is expending the spread of IO-Link Wireless communication in its territories, shifting machines to wireless communication, and unbinding their full capabilities.

IO-Link Wireless provides essential characteristics, essential for advanced industrial manufacturing capabilities. Ranging from a 5 Msec low latency and deterministic nature, through scalability reliability and coexistence capabilities, it portrays must-have abilities for the 2020’s competitive market. IO-Link Wireless presents reliability of 1 e-9 Packet Error Rate (PER), which compared to everyday wireless communications protocols such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee and BLE (Bluetooth low energy), is 1 million times better (1e6).

Complementing Routeco’s portfolio, some of CoreTigo’s main solutions target challenges in the Packaging, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals and Metal Works. Enabling for the first time real-time control and monitoring on industrial rotating devices, IO-Link Wireless enhances and opens the door for new capabilities with Rotary Tables & Carousels, Transport Tracks, Smart Machine Tooling, Robotic End-of-Arm, Condition Monitoring and many others.

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