The Zwartowo Solar Park, the largest solar power plant in Central and Eastern Europe, was connected to the grid in September 2022.

With a total output of 290 MWp, the Polish solar park Zwartowo will be the largest plant that GOLDBECK SOLAR has built to date. In September 2022, the first phase with 204 MWp of the mega project injects already clean energy into the polish grid. Construction of the second phase with 86 MWp is planned for the beginning of next year.


Immense importance for the future of photovoltaics

Zwartowo is of great importance not only for GOLDBECK SOLAR but also for Central and Eastern Europe. For Poland in particular, the solar park makes an important contribution to achieving its own climate protection goals and energy independence.

“The positive impact on the environment is enormous,” said Joachim Goldbeck, Managing Director of GOLDBECK SOLAR. “Through Zwartowo, more than 90,470 households can be supplied with green energy and CO2 emissions can be reduced by about five million tonnes during the project period.”

The entrepreneur has already proven that he is convinced of the quality of the project when it comes to financing. Together with his partner Respect Energy the entrepreneur provided his own capital for the realisation of the plant. In addition, the GOLDBECK SOLAR Group was able to achieve successful financing with the EBRD as well as the two largest Polish banks, PKO BP and Bank Pekao.

“We need to create examples that show the clear and real benefits of photovoltaics on a large scale,” Goldbeck added. “We are determined to build large solar power plants to achieve energy independence in Europe.”


Challenges overcome with careful planning

With the stability and experience of numerous solar projects, the german company has the best prerequisites to master any challenge. Zwartowo is a clear example of this. For the construction of the plant, the EPC branch and the investment branch jointly optimized the plant using the SolarPlanner, a planning software developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute ITWM. The software provides a valuable overview of all potential technical layouts and their commercial performance indicators.

With an area of around 300 ha, Zwartowo is not only a superlative project in terms of output. For GOLDBECK SOLAR, ecological factors also played a role in the planning. For example, biodiversity should not be endangered by solar parks. And the rescue of archaeological remains also took some time before the plant could be put into operation.


Zwartowo is just the beginning

For GOLDBECK SOLAR, the Zwartowo Solar Park is important in two respects. Zwartowo is the largest plant the solar specialist has built so far, while also being a symbol of Joachim Goldbeck’s determination. Even constant challenges such as the disruption of supply chains and rising component prices could not stop the progress of the project.

“For us, the project is a step into a new dimension of solar power plants and a statement for the environment,” added Steffen Emmerich, Managing Director of GOLDBECK SOLAR Polska. He hopes that other innovative companies will follow this vision and continue to advance photovoltaics.


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