Announced as an in-person event in December 2020, the automatica sprint digital tradeshow pivoted to an online format in late April 2021. In its new online, two-day format, its organisers still hope to provide the robotics and automation industry with a digital platform for exchange, knowledge and business. Here’s all you need to know.

The automatica sprint digital tradeshow focuses on the solutions and products offered by approximately 80 exhibitors. International industry representatives include ABB, Basler, Bosch Rexroth, Epson, FANUC, Festo, Hahn Automation, IDS, KUKA, Manz, MVTec, Schaeffler, SCHUNK, Siemens, Stäubli as well as teamtechnik, Universal and Yaskawa. In the individual companies’ brand rooms, participants will have the opportunity to obtain detailed information and to directly get in touch with the exhibitors through various channels.

MVTec, in particular, has announced it will present its portfolio at the event. Their presence includes experts discussing the features of current and future HALCON and MERLIC releases, as well as a live-streamed presentation titled “MVTec’s deep learning spectrum.” Within this presentation, MVTec is also offering a preview of the next version of its all-in-one machine vision software MERLIC 5, to be released in the fall.

Within the framework of automatica sprint, “munich_i” will also be held for the first time as a newly created and unique online-only platform for robotics and artificial intelligence. The munich_i Hightech-Summit on June 22, 2021, is held by the Bavarian Minister-President Dr Markus Söder and represents a key component of the cooperation between automatica, the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

automatica sprint Digital Tradeshow

automatica sprint will not draw crowds this year as they did in 2018. Image: automatica sprint.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr Sami Haddadin, Director of MSRM and holder of the Chair for Robotics and System Intelligence at TUM, and Prof. Dr Alena Buyx, Director of the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine and holder of the Chair for Ethics in Medicine and Health Technologies at TUM, summit participants can expect more than 20 presentations on responsible technological change. This also includes the interaction of human and artificial intelligence with a focus on the societal areas of work, health and mobility under the theme “intelligence empowering tomorrow”.

In addition to the companies’ brand rooms, automatica sprint offers a supporting program covering developments and trends in the automation industry. The company sessions offer insights into new developments and innovations from the industry’s key players, ranging from technical presentations to live product presentations and panel discussions on topics such as cobots, smart manufacturing, connectivity, energy efficiency and artificial intelligence. In addition, there will be daily round table discussions with industry experts on topics such as G5, robotics in SMEs, and machine vision.

The English-language panel discussion “Applying AI—How to create responsible technological innovations that promote wellbeing” addresses the use of technological innovations such as AI, which give rise to a number of ethical, social, political, and legal challenges. In addition to Minister of State Bernd Sibler, representatives from BMW, Deutsches Museum, IBM, and Technical University of Munich (TUM) will discuss issues associated with this topic. The discussion will be hosted by Prof. Alena Buyx, Director of the Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine and Director of munich_i.

“The automatica sprint trade fair concept enabled us to ensure planning security for our customers right from the start. The format was designed as both an in-person and a digital event so that its feasibility was guaranteed”, says Falk Senger, Managing Director Messe München and responsible for automatica sprint. “The industry’s positive response to the online format to be held proves, that we are answering the need of the hour in these unprecedented times”.

The automatica sprint digital tradeshow takes place from June 22 to 24, 2021. Participation in the high-tech summit is included in the ticket for visitors to the automatica sprint digital platform, with the presentations given in English.

Further information on the munich_i Summit, including an overview of the entire program, background information on the speakers etc is available online. You can find more information about the automatica sprint digital tradeshow on its website.

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