Automate is back!  The automation, robotics and machine vision trade show will take place in Detroit, Michigan, from the 22nd to the 25th of May.

 Whether you’re new to automation or you’re a seasoned pro looking for fresh ideas, Automate is the place for you. This one-of-a-kind event brings together the brightest minds in automation today to share ideas and demo the latest tech. Plus, you can meet face-to-face with these automation leaders to discuss your business’s biggest challenges—and how automation can help solve them.  

  • Explore hundreds of automation solutions on the show floor from 700+ exhibitors, including AI, robotics, vision, motion control and more. 
  • Learn from leaders in the automation industry and beyond during inspiring and informative keynote speeches. 
  • Connect with innovators, problem solvers and forward thinkers from dozens of countries during networking events. 

Ahead of Automate 2023 in Detroit, A3 (Association for Advancing Automation), the company hosted a series of free webinars. The first occurred on Wednesday, 25th January, and was hosted by A3’s Vice President Robert Huschka. 

This webinar, titled ‘Automate Preview Series: How AI-Powered Machine Vision is Changing Industry’, features three influential guests from the industry. Huschka is joined by Smadar David (CEO & Co-Founder of Vanti), Krishna Gopalakrishnan (VP of Machine Learning Elementary), and Jeffrey Adolf (Advanced Research Engineer Specialist at 3M). 

On the topic of the Automate 2023 Show, Huschka says: 

This Automate is going to be even bigger, even better than last year. This is going to be the largest Automate show ever with more exhibitors, more speakers, more technology, and more solutions. We’re going to have more than 600 exhibitors, covering 300,000 square feet, with more than 25,000 registrants expected. 

“Unlike most automation events, the Automate conference spotlights applications across the industry. That includes automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, logistics, material hand, medicine and pharmaceutical, construction, food and beverage, electronics, energy, consumer products, and even agriculture. If you are looking for automation solutions, that’s robotics, machining, computer vision, motion control motors, Artificial intelligence and other industrial software, Automate is a must-attend.” 

Ahead of the Automate Show, Huschka also outlines the plan for the webinar series: 

“We will be counting down to our big show with this Automate preview series of webinars. The next one is coming up on February 15th. We’re going to dive into advances in robotics, manipulation and collaboration. Future topics include advances in motion control. We’ll also discuss how you can get started with automation into mobile robotics and logistics automation.” 

The second webinar, titled ‘Advances in Robotics, Manipulation and Collaboration’, was recorded on 15th February. Along with A3’s Vice President Robert Huschka, this webinar featured a panel of robotics and artificial intelligence experts. 

Sina Afrooze (Apera AI’s CEO), Harley Green (the Director of Strategic Accounts at Soft Robotics), Joe Campbell (the Head of Strategic Marketing in North America for Universal Robots), Nick Darmiano (F/T Business Development Manager at ATI), and KC Kim (Director of Sales Strategy at Doosan Robotics) were all present to discuss the latest trends, solutions, and technology.  

The third webinar, ‘Advances in Mobile Robotics & Logistics Automation’, took place on April 18th and was sponsored by Brooks and Doosan Robotics. 

The panel included Jae Cho (Director of Sales & Business Development at Doosan Robotics), Dimitri Kambouridis (Senior Director of Systems Engineering at Brooks Automation), and Jason Walker (VP of Market Development at Locus Robotics). These industry experts explored the latest uses-cases, discuss business models and help listeners to understand how to maximise their investment.  

The full webinar schedule is available here. 

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