Wenglor & MVTec Deepen Partnership, Boosting Machine Vision

by | Jul 20, 2023

Christian Vollrath, Head of Computer Vision at wenglor sensoric group, and Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director of MVTec Software GmbH, officially confirmed the deepened partnership between the two companies at the automatica 2023 trade fair in Munich.

wenglor and MVTec are each leading providers in their market segment within machine vision. The focus of wenglor is on sensor and machine vision products, that of MVTec is on the production of machine vision software. The partnership sets out to ensure that the two companies now work even more closely together to create sophisticated machine vision solutions.

“It is our common goal to drive developments in the field of machine vision and to bring the benefits of the technology closer to more and more customers. Therefore, this now deepened partnership is ideal,” explains Dr. Munkelt from MVTec. Christian Vollrath from wenglor adds: “Both companies bring their specific strengths to the partnership. As a result, customers benefit from perfectly matched hardware and software solutions and the resulting applications.”

uniVision and HALCON – parameterisation meets programming

The first result of the collaboration has already been presented at the wenglor booth at automatica 2023: the smart cameras of the new B60 series. These cameras have now access to the performance and flexibility of MVTec HALCON. The parameterisation-based uniVision 3 software from wenglor is combined with programmable HALCON scripts in a user-friendly interface. The combination of uniVision and HALCON in one product increases user-friendliness, enables an enormous range of applications, and thus offers great flexibility.


Machine vision as a key technology in automation

Machine vision is steadily gaining importance as a key technology in automation. By using machine vision hardware, a wide range of automation tasks such as pick-and-place applications with robots, quality control with fast cycle times, high-precision measurement tasks, and many more can be solved quickly and reliably. The deepened partnership between wenglor and MVTec pays off in meeting current as well as future requirements.

“In the future, wenglor is combining the advantages of parameterisation and programming based on the HALCON scripts in its uniVision 3 software: in one ecosystem for all machine vision products in our portfolio – all from one single source. This makes it possible to implement standard solutions as well as complex applications efficiently and easily,” explains Christian Vollrath from wenglor.


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