WEG Autrial Invite Stakeholders to Explore its State-of-the-Art Electric Panel Factory

by | Mar 19, 2024


WEG Autrial, a Spanish division of the global manufacturer of motors and drives, WEG, held two exclusive open days to showcase the capacity of its electric panel manufacturing plant.

On March 5 and 13, 2024, WEG Autrial hosted distributors, clients and prospects at its factory in Paterna, Valencia. Attendees had the unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of WEG’s production line, gaining insights into the processes that drive the creation of WEG Autrial’s electric panels.

Each open day welcomed attendees from key industrial sectors such as cooling, renewable energy and water treatment, setting the stage for a comprehensive guided tour of the electric panel manufacturing process including all production lines. This included the design, manufacturing, testing, quality control, packaging and shipping processes.

The showcased solutions included drive panels, multi-drive panels, control panels and serial panels. These products cater to diverse applications, including water treatment for plant purification, potabilisation, and overpumping. Additionally, they can be used in industrial refrigeration plants serving logistics platforms, slaughterhouses and packaging plants.

Among the top-selling products, the AFW11 stands out as a highly efficient variable speed drive housed in an electric panel. Noteworthy for its compact design, extensive bespoke options and versatile configuration choices, the AFW11 covers a power range from 1.5 kW at 400Vac to 850 kW at 690Vac, holding IP42/IP54 certification. Similarly, the ASW900 soft-starter, can also be integrated into a small electric panel and holds a IP42/IP54 certification. Ranging from 2.2 kW at 230Vac to 1,250 kW at 690Vac, this solution surpasses expectations with its by-pass and the ability to be tailored for specific applications such as compressors or pumps.

Technical guides were on hand to explain the different tools employed in crafting the panels and the flexibility these provide to adapt standard equipment to specific customer needs.

With an extensive catalogue of standardised electric panels for industrial installations, the WEG Autrial Spanish factory takes pride in designing and printing its own synoptics in the 10,000 m² facility. Renowned for production capacity and product quality, the company not only specialises in manufacturing electric panels, but also in delivering customised automation, control and supervision solutions.

“This was the perfect opportunity for attendees to gain a rare insight into how our factory works.” explained María Rubio, head of marketing at WEG Autrial. “Autrial was established in 1977 and joined WEG at the end of 2015 as part of the automation division. This strategic move has enabled our team in Spain to increase competitiveness, efficiency and quality. For us, these open days are a sign of constant evolution and a commitment to continued market growth. We encourage anyone interested in seeing the capabilities of our factory to let us know and we will arrange a visit.”

Crafted for diverse market segments, WEG electric panels adhere to international quality and performance standards, guaranteeing safety for operators and property. The high rate of product standardisation allows simple assembly, installation, maintenance, expansions and interchangeability.

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