[Alex] I’m delighted today to be here at the phil-vision stand at the VISION show Stuttgart. I’ll ask Gregor here to introduce himself and tell us a little bit about phil-vision.

[Gregor] Hi, I’m Gregor Philipiak. I’m the CPO, the Chief Pixel Officer from the company for Vision. I’m the founder as well. I was running that for four and a half years already. Yeah, it’s a pleasure for us to be here, even if we are not really a manufacturer of cameras or frame grabbers and just an integrator here. It’s very nice to be here once again on the VISION show.

You know, it’s three years ago since we had the last one, and if you grew up in this environment, it’s like a kind of Christmas. You know, you’re coming back together and you see all the faces you’re just meeting from time to time. But they are here, you know, concentrated in the same place. It’s a pleasure for us to be here.

[Alex] And what are you showing here? What are you exhibiting at the show?

[Gregor] Yeah, as an integrator we have here one of our applications, which are slightly modified for our purpose here to show it as a demo on the VISION show. So it’s a kind of a high-speed 3D recorder. I will briefly just show you what we are doing here. It’s basically running in the background. So we’re restoring the 3D in the scene in real-time of the fast-moving project, having a kind of 3D recorder where you can instantly then change the position of view and really almost in real-time, analyse data that you have recorded in 3D. This is one of our key products as you will see.

[Alex] Did you develop this whole system yourself?

[Gregor] Because of our background, working in this field for so many years, we are used to working with a lot of different manufacturers. Also, when it comes to hardware, but not only to hardware but also to software. So we’re using OpenCV, Common Vision Blox and all the well-known libraries and yeah, with our own expertise which we bring in, we are capable of making this kind of product.

[Alex] What are the main applications for products such as this?

[Gregor] You know, this is actually something that is widely used either in research but also in high-speed material analysis where you just want to really see processes that are happening at very high speeds in a very short time and you want to analyse this in 3D. This is the main purpose of this kind of recorder that we have here.

[Alex] So bearing in mind your expertise and knowledge in this particular space as a specialist integrator, who of our readers should be coming to talk to you and come and see you to look for solutions?

[Gregor] We are what we call in German, the Verlängerte Werkbank (extended workbench). So we are kind of extended, how should I say, engineers for your company. Due to the fact that we have such a kind of broad expertise, we can help you to bring your solution into your factory, into your space, into that what you need. If you don’t have the capacity, for example, or the expertise, you can ask us and work with us and we then hopefully are capable and provide the solution you need.

[Alex] So you can provide the outsourced expertise that a company probably doesn’t necessarily afford to have in-house or develop itself. That’s fantastic – I think especially for our readers, a lot of whom are looking to use automation and use machine vision for the first time, potentially, as well as developing and building their own things. Where can people find out more information about getting in touch with you?

[Gregor] www.phil-vision.com or simply at our booth here during the VISION show, of course.

[Alex] Thank you very much for your time.

[Gregor] Thank you very much for your time and for your interview.

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