[Alex] Good afternoon. I’m joined by Dr Jean Caron from Euresys. Jean, do you want to start by telling us a little bit about Euresys?

[Jean] Okay, so Euresys, we are a Belgium company and we are selling components for machine vision. It could be machine vision libraries tools, so we have several demonstrations of this machine vision library and we have also other products. For the other products, we are demonstrating today the new version of the CoaXPress standard.

With this demo, it’s CoaXPress-over-fibre and we demonstrate our brand new frame grabber Coaxlink QSFP+ and some do this new version of the standard. It is possible nowadays and in the future it will be possible to have high-resolution high-frame-rate cameras. Like this one, for instance, we acquire images from this camera with 65 megapixels coming around 70 frames per second and without any bottleneck during this acquisition.

[Alex] So with this product specifically what are the key applications and who should be really talking to you about this?

[Jean] Okay, so I would say there is two kinds of application: the typical machine vision application, so when a machine maker needs high-resolution, high-frame-rate because of the speed of the production. This product will fit very well but it’s also a product that will help us to answer – generally speaking with CoaXPress-over-fibre – and get the opportunity to the machine vision world to address other markets like the monitoring of stadiums for the broadcast of the typical match.

[Alex] There are some real-world applications and I’m sure a lot of people will be happy with watching football or rugby, etc. What’s been the initial feedback on this new product or from this trade show so far?

[Jean] We already had some leads for this. So it means that people are quite interested and they were happy to see that with this new product, they will be able to develop the products they had in mind but were not able to develop yet because the technology was not available.

[Alex] So it’s opening up new possibilities, new opportunities for customers.

[Jean] Exactly!

[Alex] Fantastic. Jean, thank you very much for your time. Good luck for the rest of the tradeshow.

You can find more information about Euresys on its website.

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