Unique Bar Light Setup Drives Success of Surgical Tool Inspection Project

by | Sep 19, 2023

Fisher Smith Ltd. has achieved remarkable success in designing a custom vision system for the 360° inspection of sterilised plastic surgical instruments.

Fisher Smith, known for its comprehensive vision solutions, took on the challenge of developing a system that meets the stringent standards of the medical sector. Their vision expertise, combined with TPL Vision’s proficiency in comprehensive LED lighting solutions, proved to be the perfect partnership for tackling the strict demands of the project.

The inspected tools must undergo rigorous sterilisation validation and quality control according to the guidelines for the manufacturing and testing of surgical instruments. Their complex geometry and high-speed movement on a conveyor belt presented a unique challenge. To achieve a detailed visual inspection, the system required high-brightness lighting that offered maximum intensity and contrast, while maintaining uniformity across the field of view.

Fisher Smith rose to the challenge with a powerful solution featuring 25 cameras capturing the tools from multiple angles. 12 of TPL Vision’s Modular M-EBAR bar lights were strategically arranged for the most intense shadow-free illumination, ensuring even the tiniest defects could be captured. The robust lighting setup minimised environmental disturbances and helped to expand the Depth of Field to meet the high inspection standards. Additionally, the M-EBAR’s easily adjustable beam angle and 2.4x brighter strobe mode have also positioned the system for future improvements.

The system is using Artificial Intelligence technology, allowing it to detect deviations from expected standards that would be impossible for human inspectors to spot. Using advanced Deep Learning, it can identify anomalies at extremely high accuracy, enhancing productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

According to both companies, the successful project exemplifies the power of partnership and innovation – a testament to what can be accomplished when industry leaders join forces to tackle challenges using the latest technologies.

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