Trenz Electronic Launches FPGA Module Featuring Low-Cost GateMate A1 from CologneChip

by | Jan 3, 2024

GateMate A1 from Cologne Chip AG

Trenz Electronic introduces its latest product, an FPGA Module equipped with the cost-effective GateMate A1 from Cologne Chip AG.

The module sets a new standard for low-cost programmable logic devices, providing an affordable yet powerful solution for diverse applications. Trenz Electronic can manufacture and assembly different variants in-house.

Key Features of Trenz Electronic’s FPGA Module:

  1. Affordable Innovation: Trenz Electronic’s FPGA Module leverages the low-cost, low-entry
    GateMate A1 FPGA from Cologne Chip AG.
  2. Versatile External Connectivity: With two banks, each featuring 100 pins for external
    connections, users benefit from a versatile platform to accommodate a wide range of
  3. Quad SPI Flash (16 Mbyte): The inclusion of Quad SPI Flash enhances the module’s
    flexibility, allowing for storage of configuration data and any other data.
  4. Level Shifters: Supporting seamless communication, the module features level translators
    capable of translating signals between 3.3V and 1.8V and vice versa, ensuring compatibility
    with various peripherals and systems.
  5. Clocking: The onboard 25MHz oscillator provides a stable foundation for applications
    requiring precise timing and synchronization.
  6. Diverse I/O and LVDS Configurations:
    – 5 banks with 14 I/Os and 9 LVDS pairs each
    – 1 bank with 12 I/Os and 6 LVDS pairs
    – 1 bank with 14 I/Os and 6 LVDS pairs

Open-Source Design Flow:

Aligned with Trenz Electronic’s commitment to open-source, the FPGA Module supports an
open-source design flow. This empowers users to customize and optimize their designs for
maximum efficiency and innovation.


The FPGA Module is available for purchase on the official Trenz Electronic website.

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