With several trade shows and machine vision conferences on the way, MVPro Media’s Matt Williams spoke to Photoneo’s PR Specialist Andrea Pufflerova. Photoneo is a leading provider of robotic vision and intelligence.  

Andrea discusses the list of events that Photoneo will be attending and the products which will be presented. She also explains which industries benefit most from Photoneo’s solutions. This interview was featured in ‘Showcase’, the latest issue of MVPro Magazine.

Andrea Pufflerova Photoneo

MW: Which events will you be attending? 

AP: Photoneo will be showcasing at several upcoming events, including Automate, Automatica, and the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference, together with our partner, Multipix Imaging.  

MW: Which products will you be presenting at these events? 

AP: Visitors can look forward to seeing our 3D camera MotionCam-3D Color in action. It’s the highest-resolution and highest-accuracy area-scan colour 3D camera, which can be used for scanning both static and dynamic scenes which move in an unpredictable manner. This opens unprecedented automation possibilities, especially in the AI sector. 

We will show visitors how MotionCam-3D Color can be used for the instant creation of real-time, colourful 3D models in motion – by combining its power with our PhoXi 3D Instant Meshing software. We will also demonstrate fast localisation and picking of items from a moving conveyor belt using the MotionCam-3D Color with our 3D picking software for collision-free environments – the Locator Studio. 

For advanced bin picking with path planning and collision avoidance, we will present our all-in-one solution Bin Picking Studio. And we will also present our new depalletisation solution for fast and precise localisation and picking of boxes of different sizes. So, there is a lot to look forward to. 

MW: Which industries are these products most commonly used in? 

AP: Photoneo solutions can be used in any industry where there is a need for automation through intelligent, vision-guided robotics. This includes manufacturing, logistics, food processing, agriculture, wood industry, automotive, inspection, AI, the medical sector, and many others. 

The most common applications enabled by Photoneo technology include precise robot navigation, object recognition and sorting, bin picking, object manipulation, depalletisation, delayerisation, inspection and quality control, or 3D model creation.  

MW: Where can we find you at the event? (booth/hall number) 

AP: At Automate, visitors can find us at Booth #6420. We will be at booth #220 at Automatica, and Stand #16 at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference. We at MVPro Media would like to thank Andrea for speaking with us about Photoneo’s presence at Automate, Automatica, and the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference.

We at MVPro Media would like to thank Andrea for taking the time to speak with us! Click here to read this interview and countless others in ‘Showcase’, our special issue of MVPro Magazine.

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