TOX PRESSOTECHNIK Display Air-to-Oil Presses at Automate 2024

by | May 29, 2024


Let’s take another look back at Automate 2024, which saw more than 800 companies present their products and solutions to thousands of fascinated visitors.

During our time at the event, we met Dave Merten, a Sales Engineer at TOX PRESSOTECHNIK. He showed us some of their solutions which make a big difference to the automotive market, among others.

They presented a range of air-to-oil presses, electric servo presses, and sheet metal fasteners. The air-to-oil presses are built up to 200 tons, while the servo presses reach up to 100 tons. Meanwhile, the sheet metal joining ranges from 0.25mm to 3mm.

Dave explained what their demonstrations showed:

“We have this one representation of our air-to-oil cylinder, showing how the air and oil act within the cylinder as it cycles. We also have the electric servo there, which is designed for hands-free operation, but to be loaded and unloaded by an operator.”

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