In today’s manufacturing industry, there is a growing need for an end-to-end digital network that connects all components involved in the production process. The importance of this network cannot be overstated as it enables the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to their fullest potential and creates smart production centers. When the industry’s big players meet at automatica 2023 in Munich at the end of June, this topic will be a focal point.

One of the many benefits of an end-to-end digital network is that it provides real-time data on the status of each component in the production process. This data can be used to optimize the production process, allowing manufacturers to identify and resolve any bottlenecks or inefficiencies. For example, AI algorithms can analyze data from sensors and other sources to identify patterns that indicate a particular machine is at risk of breaking down, allowing maintenance to be scheduled before a failure occurs. This can help to schedule maintenance accordingly, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

At the same time, AI can help to check the quality of the manufactured products in real time while they are still in production. This allows manufacturers to detect when a particular machine is underperforming and take corrective action before defective or inferior products are produced.

While the benefits of creating an end-to-end digital network of all components involved in the production process are significant, there are also several challenges that companies face in implementing this kind of system.

Key challenge remains the integration of such systems. Besides the need of holistic workforce trainings, many manufacturing companies have legacy systems that are not designed to communicate with each other. Additionally, there is currently a lack of standardization and protocols for data exchange in the manufacturing industry. This can create challenges in integrating systems and technologies and may require customized solutions.

automatica 2023 the leading trade fair for automation and robotics, is known for addressing these challenges and highlighting existing solutions to the industry’s problems.

From 27 June 2023 to 30 June 2023, global experts in the automation and robotics industry will once again gather in Munich to bring together a global community of manufacturers, suppliers and experts in the field of automation and digitalization. The event offers companies the opportunity to network with peers, discuss challenges and learn from others who have already implemented an end-to-end digital network.

Hopefully, solutions to the existing problems can already be found there. It would not be the first time that automatica has done its part to significantly advance companies in the field of automation and digitalization. And yet there are still many challenges that need to be addressed.

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