Teledyne e2v Expands Flash Family of CMOS Image Sensors for 3D Laser Triangulation Applications

by | Mar 12, 2024


Teledyne e2v announces the expansion of its Flash™ CMOS image sensor family, with the introduction of Flash 2K LSA, which has been specifically adapted for laser profiling applications requiring the use of a Large Scheimpflug Angle (LSA).

Teledyne e2v’s Flash family of CMOS image sensors are specifically tailored for 3D laser profiling/displacement applications and high speed/high resolution inspection. Flash 2K LSA is a derivative of the popular Flash 2K sensor for applications requiring large Scheimpflug angles, with an angular response that has been multiplied more than four times for 30° angles and more than seven times for 40° angles. In addition to improving image quality, this sensor enables the power of the laser line at system level to be optimized when large Scheimpflug angles are used.

Flash 2K LSA shares the same 6 µm CMOS global shutter pixel as the other members of the Flash family, which effectively combines high resolution and fast frame rates. It also has the same application-based features such as HDR modes up to 100 dB, multiple Regions of Interest and frame-to-frame on-the-fly changes.

Yoann Lochardet, Marketing Manager for 3D at Teledyne e2v said, “We are very pleased to announce this new version of Flash 2K, designed to enable easy and cost-effective integration, so that our customers can have a camera portfolio for all Scheimpflug angles, using the same CMOS sensor for all versions. This minimizes camera redesigns and simplifies the supply chain.”

Flash is also available in 2K (2K x 1K, 1,500 fps full frame) and 4K (4K x 1K, 1,800 fps full frame), with or without standard micro-lenses, and combined with or without a glass lid.

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