SVS-Vistek hr51 & hr49 Industrial Cameras Allow for High Precision Inspection

by | Nov 15, 2023

SVS-Vistek CXP-12

With high resolutions of 51 and 49 megapixels, the hr51 and hr49 industrial cameras from SVS-Vistek are perfect for applications where details need to be inspected with high precision.

With a resolution of 8,424 x 6,032 or 8,416 x 6,032 pixels, frame rates of 23.7 or 30 frames/second and variants with 10GigE or quad CoaXPress 6 interface, the currently available color and monochrome camera models of the hr51 series from SVS-Vistek represent an extremely powerful option for many applications.

The use of a Gpixel GMAX4651 sensor with Global Shutter makes the hr51 particularly suitable for tasks involving the inspection of moving objects. A specially developed image optimization for the CMOS sensor used in these cameras ensures images with outstanding homogeneity, detail and dynamics.

The sister model hr49 offers only slightly lower resolution of 7,008 x 7,000 pixels. Based on the GMAX3265-49 Gpixel sensor, which is also equipped with a Global Shutter, this camera, which is also available in a color and monochrome version, is perfect for applications that require a square sensor.

Depending on the model, the hr49 cameras can record up to 71 images/second and forward the image data to the evaluation computer via Camera Link 80 Bit, 4x CoaXPress-6 or 4x CoaXPress-12.

All models of the hr49 and hr51 cameras from SVS-Vistek are compatible with numerous lenses available on the market and are suitable for inspection tasks in a wide range of applications, including demanding tasks in the semiconductor industry or in the automotive sector.

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