SVS-Vistek Boosts SWIR Camera Performance with Thermo-Electric Cooling Option

by | Feb 22, 2024

SVS-Vistek SWIR Cameras

Since their introduction, SVS-Vistek‘s Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) industrial cameras have set industry standards for performance.

Versatile and simple to use, the cameras offer an extended wavelength spectrum of 400-1700nm for simultaneous capture of visible and SWIR images, along with advanced two-point Non-Uniformity Correction, exceptional sensitivity, and a broad choice of resolutions with GigE Vision, USB3 or CXP-12 interfaces. The cameras incorporate Sony SenSWIR sensors built upon SVS-Vistek’s field proven EXO and FXO camera platforms with the timesaving GenTL interface and an integrated strobe controller.

SVS-Vistek has now added a new performance feature on several of its SWIR cameras — optional Thermo-Electric Cooling (TEC) temperature management. TEC operates by the Peltier Effect, the thermoelectric phenomenon of transfer of heat energy between two materials when an electric current passes through, essentially acting as a heat pump by transferring heat from one side to the other. In cameras, sensor cooling reduces dark current noise, increasing overall signal-to-noise ratios. Optimal control over the camera response can be achieved with TEC despite variations in environment temperature, thus ensuring high-quality reproducible results.

SVS-Vistek SWIR camera applications include detecting moisture in fruits and vegetables; inspecting silicon-based materials, packaged ICs, solar cells, and wafers; level measuring of opaque containers; monitoring conditions in agriculture; and detecting impurities based on reflection and transmission spectra, among other industrial use cases.

SVS-Vistek SWIR cameras belong to the company’s Beyond Vision line of SWIR, ultraviolet, and polarized cameras.

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