Stackpole selects QualiSense’s Augmented AI to Upgrade Inspection Cells

by | May 3, 2024

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Global engineering brand Stackpole has partnered with leading quality inspection start-up, QualiSense, to retrofit AI capabilities to its existing inspection hardware. The move follows a successful implementation period for the cutting-edge technology, which has already demonstrated a positive impact.

Israeli technology pioneer QualiSense manufactures AI software which is designed to work with pre-existing machine vision hardware, such as cameras, lighting and automation. Stackpole has chosen to retrofit the AI technology to four of its existing inspection cells. This approach ensures the benefits of the latest in Augmented AI, without the need for extensive hardware upgrades.

The cells were previously equipped with rule-based software, which although functional did not match the performance and efficiency offered by QualiSense. Using patented technology and advanced machine learning algorithms, QualiSense’s Augmented AI models marks a significant leap in inspection capabilities.

Stackpole’s decision to retrofit the inspection cells with QualiSense’s software demonstrates a commitment to maximising ROI and leveraging existing hardware investments. This strategy shows how a hardware-agnostic technology can deliver cost savings when compared to other equipment upgrade strategies.

‘‘This approach ensures a seamless integration of new AI capabilities without the need for extensive hardware updates,’’ explained Brian Durbin, Vice President and General Manager of Stackpole. ‘‘We saved money, improved quality, retained investment and were able to execute a fast deployment of new technology.’’

Celebrating this important milestone in the success of this new technology, QualiSense CEO Erez Tsur, said:

‘‘Allowing fast and smooth retrofits is mandatory in today’s dynamic production environment, which requires manufacturers to be at the cutting edge of technology while saving money on existing investments. We are looking forward to witnessing the transformative impact of this upgrade on Stackpole’s operations.’

QualiSense currently has several other production systems serving top automotive OEMs. To keep up to date with all the latest news on AI in visual inspection, visit

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