Specim Unveils Specim FX120 – An Advanced Thermal Push-Broom Hyperspectral Camera

by | Jan 25, 2024

Specim FX120

Specim has announced its latest innovation, the Specim FX120, an advanced long-wave infrared hyperspectral camera with a full LWIR spectral range of 7.7 to 12.3 µm.

This fast push-broom thermal hyperspectral camera is set to redefine chemical imaging capabilities in challenging environments, day and night. With its excellent spectral and spatial imaging performance, the Specim FX120 allows for the simultaneous capture of all 160 swath-width spectral bands at a high image speed of 240 frames per second.  

Tapio Kallonen, CEO at Specim, said:

“The Specim FX120 builds upon the Specim OWL camera’s success. By bringing it to the market, we aim to provide our customers with an even more advanced solution that delivers superior performance and value for the hyperspectral imaging applications that benefit from the LWIR spectral range.”  

Detailed and accurate imaging for the full LWIR range 

Operating in the LWIR spectral range combined with unparalleled sensitivity, the Specim FX120 opens new possibilities in mineralogical research, environmental analysis, and defense and surveillance applications. It can perform accurate mineral mapping, landmine, and ordnance detection and is sensitive to detect thermal anomalies and classify even gases. Its compact, transferable, and robust design enables easy integration into existing systems, facilitating seamless adoption for various operating environments. 

Jere Hartikainen, Chief Technical Officer at Specim, said:

“We are proud to introduce the Specim FX120, a result of cutting-edge technology and years of expertise in hyperspectral imaging. Compared to its predecessor, the Specim OWL, the new Specim FX120 boasts more spatial and spectral pixels, increased imaging speed, GigE Vision compliant interface, and modern detector technology. This translates into improved uniformity and a greater full well capacity, allowing you to capture more detailed and accurate information.” 

Fast and efficient drill-core analysis 

One of the highlights of the Specim FX120 is its ability to capture minerals undetectable by other wavelengths. In conjunction with the SisuRock workstation, the Specim FX120 revolutionizes drill-core scanning. Its speed and accuracy in capturing all sizes of core drive exceptional productivity and significantly advance drill-core analysis, providing vital information for informed decision-making. 

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