Smart4 Engineering has finalised the acquisition of Closer Consulting, a Portuguese company which specialises in data science, business intelligence, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Smart4 Engineering continues to pursue its strategy of building up its European base by integrating a new element. The Portuguese company Closer Consulting adds to its range of specialist companies with expertise in the technology sector. As part of this integration, João Pires da Cruz, one of the co-founders of Closer Consulting, has been appointed Smart4 Engineering’s VP for Research and Innovation.

Founded in 2005, Closer Consulting has its head office in Lisbon and is a major player in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. The company focuses on meeting the long-term operational needs of its clients and their requirements in terms of business intelligence. It offers services including consultancy on data strategy, made-to-measure projects, outsourcing of computer professionals and specialized data, as well as the provision of local services. Closer Consulting employs 350 people in Portugal, the United Kingdom and Brazil, and has a turnover in excess of €15 million.

By combining the complementary resources of its constituent entities, Smart4 Engineering is able to provide effective solutions to the challenges facing industry in the fields of data, artificial intelligence, critical software, cyber-security and intelligent infrastructures. With offices in eight countries, and staffed by about 3,500 highly-qualified engineers, Smart4 Engineering is aiming for a turnover of over €300 million in 2024.

Cyril ROGER, CEO, Smart4 Engineering, said:

“We are delighted to welcome a gem like Closer into the Smart4 Engineering universe, for Closer has become a benchmark company in the sector of data and artificial intelligence. It means that we shall be able to offer our clients an even wider range of new products, skills and experience.”

Fernando MATOS, Partner and co-founder, Closer Consulting, said:

“Given our strong position on the Portuguese market, it is our definite aim to go even further. By becoming part of the Smart4 Engineering group – which is not only solid but also shares our way of thinking – we shall have at our disposal a structure, know-how, and a presence in several countries. This will enable us to act assertively in the various target markets.”

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