The season of renewal has arrived. Our shivers disappear as we shed our winter coats and embrace the elongated hours. To celebrate this period, the fifth edition of Automate Pro Europe magazine is dedicated to the “co-workers” that never change, complain about the temperature (unless too hot), or take days off. We’re talking about robotics, of course.

Kicking our robotics special off is Dany Longval, VP of Worldwide Sales at Teledyne Lumenera, who explores the sensors that allow robots to see, hear, touch, and move.

Zehao Li, Technology Analyst for IDTechEx, summarises the recent research the Cambridge-based market research firm has conducted into mobile robotics and its growing importance in the logistics, warehouse and delivery space.

We have Yan Simard, CEO of Kognitiv Spark, who explores the huge consequences of machine downtime and how mixed reality-based worker support can help fix these issues with real results.

Marie Respingue describes the journey a leading European manufacturer of missiles went through to robotise its production processes with the help of Fuzzy Logic Robotics’ Repplix™.

Led by Thelma and Louise – its giant handling robots – the KION Group runs through all the top robotic production methods it uses in its plants, from Germany, the Czech Republic and China.

A robot sees clearly thanks to a pick & place robot application for the medical sector developed by Irish Manufacturing Research, Multipix Imaging Components and MVTec Software.

John Leonard, Product Marketing Manager at Zivid, discusses the skills and labour shortage in manufacturing and how automation and robots can be a fundamental shift in the industry, rather than a temporary fix.

Concluding our robotics special is Boston Dynamics, which details how Spanish infrastructure and sustainability firm Acciona is inventing new ways to gather more tunnel construction data, more quickly, using the company’s Spot and Trimble solutions.

Thank you all for reading. Please enjoy the second edition of Automate Pro Europe magazine in 2022, dedicated to robotics.

Joel Davies

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