Photoneo Unveils Tech for Fully Automated 3D Model Creation

by | Jun 5, 2023

Photoneo, a leading provider of machine vision and smart automation solutions, introduces a novel software solution that extends the possibilities of automated 3D model creation and reveals new application areas that can be automated. The versatile software suite consists of two different libraries and graphical user interfaces so customers can use it for all kinds of purposes and application needs.

Photoneo brings the magic of 3D scanning in motion to automated 3D model creation by introducing its new, one-of-a-kind tool – the Photoneo 3D Meshing suite. The technology is unique because it enables accurate, highly detailed, and reliable 3D model creation of static and dynamic scenes in real-time – something that could not have been achieved with existing technologies.

Photoneo 3D Meshing software can create an object’s 3D model with its precise 3D shape, texture, as well as colour. It can be used for the 3D model creation of objects from the size of an orange to that of a large shipping container. These unprecedented capabilities allow users to enter two newly emerging application areas – the quality inspection of large objects that can be moving in a random and unpredictable manner as well as precise, dynamic robot navigation around unknown objects.

“Photoneo 3D Meshing is a unique software tool that brings unprecedented possibilities to automated 3D model creation,” says Marcel Svec, VP Strategy & Product at Photoneo. “The product comes as a response to the growing needs for flexibility, adaptability, and processing speed on the one hand and supreme 3D imaging systems with extended automation capabilities on the other.”

The high variability of use is ensured by two different libraries and graphical user interfaces: one for creating exceptionally accurate 3D models of static objects with Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanners and the other one for instant creation of colourful 3D models in motion with MotionCam-3D.

The possibility to create accurate and highly detailed, colourful 3D models in real-time allows customers to enter and explore completely new application areas, including the following:

  • Quality control – for instance, measuring and determining fat percentage in pork meat cuts moving on a conveyor belt or controlling the surface of freight wagons and other large objects for paint residue after sandblasting
  • Dynamic robot navigation
  • Food inspection to determine whether a piece of fruit or vegetable is ripe or not based on colour and other surface features
  • Volumetric measurement of freight
  • 3D model creation of atypical shapes such as very long or spherical objects as well as very large and immovable objects
  • Digitalisation of real-life objects for VR, AR, digital twinning, and other applications

The software tool provides data in the form of a point cloud or mesh. It is extremely easy to use – users just connect their devices and click “start”. The tool can be integrated with an arbitrary rotary table or device.

To learn more about Photoneo 3D Meshing and how you can use it in your applications, contact Photoneo.

Also, read our exclusive interview with Photoneo’s Andrea Pufflerova here on MVPro Media!

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