Four years have passed since Photoneo won the Vision Award at the Vision show in Stuttgart. The company was recognised for its notable contribution to the 3D machine vision field with the novel Parallel Structured Light technology.

The new approach to 3D sensing implemented in the 3D camera MotionCam-3D from Photoneo brought the first and only technology that enabled the capture of dynamic scenes in high resolution and submillimeter accuracy without motion artifacts. 

This year, Photoneo announced a new camera version that can capture colour information – ‘MotionCam-3D Color’. According to the company, it is the only device on the market that enables real-time colourful 3D point cloud creation of moving scenes in high quality and without interruptions.  

The camera was developed to provide customers with the ultimate 3D vision tool that can master any type of machine vision application. This is done through the unique combination of 3D geometry, motion, and colour. And why has the company combined exactly these three qualities? 

First, high-quality 3D data is important for the recognition of an object’s position and orientation in 3D space. Second, the vision system should be able to work in a dynamic environment. This means that a robot navigated by a vision system does not need to stop, wait, scan, and then move again as it continually receives a stream of 3D point clouds at high FPS. Third, matching the 3D output with colour information is crucial for AI-based machine vision algorithms. 

While 3D data, motion, and colour are not unique properties on their own, having them all in a single device is a game-changing factor. The camera is thus expected to open the door to various AI/VR/AR applications and robotic tasks that require colourful 3D scans of dynamic scenes in perfect quality.  

The camera’s main assets include: 

  • Real-time creation of colourful 3D point clouds of moving scenes 
  • Unmatched resolution and accuracy 
  • Dynamic mode = resolution of 0.9 Mpx, accuracy of 0.300 mm 
  • Static mode = resolution of 2 Mpx, accuracy of 0.150 mm
  • 3D scanning in rapid motion = 144 km/h (89 m/h) 
  • Industrial robustness = IP65, PoE, thermal calibration 
  • Suppression of interreflections and the effects of ambient light 
  • Practical scanning range provided by 6 models: from 36 cm to 4 m 
  • Lightweight and rigid carbon fiber body 

 The colourful 3D data of objects in motion provided by ‘MotionCam-3D Color’ enables new decision-making and visualisation applications, including inspection and quality control, various recognition tasks in manufacturing, smart logistics, and metrology, applications for virtual reality and augmented reality, the creation of 3D models for the Metaverse and digital twins, or 3D data streaming for distant teleoperation of industrial applications. 

 The first samples of ‘MotionCam-3D Color’ have already been sold out through Photoneo’s Early Adopters Program and now the camera starts to be distributed for regular purchase.  

 Come to try out ‘MotionCam-3D Color’ at the Vision show at Photoneo’s booth no. 10C40 in Hall 10. 


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