LTS: Organic Response reduces energy consumption in retail by 70%

by | Nov 8, 2023

Organic Response lighting

Organic Response offers smart and forward-looking possibilities for the retail segment. Sustainability and economy can be achieved by using an intelligent lighting control system. It’s easy to explain how: Lights on! But only where and when you need them.

Thanks to the Organic Response system, the lights adapt to natural movements and the purchasing behaviour of customers and staff. The ambient light is capable of anticipating, meaning the light gets brighter before customers and is dimmed again after them, without them noticing it. In addition, the light automatically adapts to the ambient light level, depending on the season and time of day. The entire lighting concept is perfectly tailored to the goods to be illuminated as well as the people within a certain radius.

The smart and intelligent Organic Response system revolutionises retail lighting and enables maximum energy savings with optimum user comfort. The open system also allows other building management systems and third-party providers to access the collected data and use it. This helps improve the overall energy efficiency.

Graphics: LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH. Light is an important tool in retail to make shopping an experience for all the senses. With Organic Response it is possible to reap all the benefits light can offer while reducing lighting energy costs by up to 70 %.

The full potential of Organic Response offers benefits for operators and customers:

  • Energy consumption for lighting can be reduced by up to 70%
  • Intelligent operation extends the LEDs’ service life
  • Simple installation thanks to plug & play: Organic Response can also be integrated into existing systems at a later date with little effort.
  • Organic Response enables remote configuration, optimisation and management of the lighting equipment
  • Simple maintenance and repair of luminaires through better control
  • Data provides insight into areas with efficiency increases or savings potential
  • Organic Response is an open system and enables the integration of other systems, e. g., for innovative services
  • Flexibly adjustable to different locations, needs and new requirements
  • Lower carbon footprint – conserving resources by reducing electricity consumption
  • Energy efficiency of the overall system – Organic Response provides for more economic efficiency and success
  • Exclusive production and quick delivery for LTS. The Organic Response company is a member of the Fagerhult Group and thus a sister company to LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH.
Photo: LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH. New “Tante Enso” shop opens in Wörlitz. The novelty: the supermarket relies on the Organic Response lighting control system. Enormous energy savings are made possible by presence-based lighting control.

When you switch on the light, you save money

The Swabians have many talents and are known to be hard workers, creative inventors, resourceful tinkerers and great savers at the same time. We, the LTS team, are Swabians and have perfected the art of saving. We can save light for you – with the Organic Response lighting control system.

Saving light means that light is switched on only when it is needed. As a result you save energy and money. And valuable resources that are required to produce energy.

In the past, you had to manually switch on the light, dim it, adjust the light colour and control everything yourself. Today all of this happens automatically. Organic Response works autonomously from the first minute, as soon as it has been installed and configured. Using an app that is included in the scope of supply, the system is easy to adjust anytime. It is known for its effortless plug-and-play system and its intuitive user interface. The tool is smart and complex in its functions, but offers an easy solution for the user to efficiently and effectively optimize lighting.

How does Organic Response work?

Each individual luminaire contains an infrared sensor which collects and analyses dynamic data and optimally adjusts the light intensity and lighting time. The more data is available, the more precisely the entire lighting system can react.

Organic Response uses infrared sensors, either integrated into the luminaires or installed separately, to collect movement data. This data is analysed in order to optimally adjust the light intensity and lighting duration. Each individual luminaire can communicate wirelessly with the neighbouring luminaires via this infrared sensor in order to dynamically adjust the light. This means that as soon as movements in the room are detected by the organic response sensors, the luminaire decides how high the light intensity needs to be set in the room in use.

The luminaires receive data from the those right next to them. This is comparable to the swarm intelligence of a school of fish. With the lighting control system, the luminaires that are controlled in a decentralised manner act together by communicating with each other and making smart lighting decisions. This allows the system to anticipate the presence of people nearby. It also enables adaptive and energy-efficient lighting that adapts to the needs of the user and the lighting conditions.

In real life, this could mean that individual parts of a store are dimmed to a minimum after the last customer has left the area. However, this wouldn’t happen with a hard change from light to dark, but gradually to always have pleasant basic lighting in view. The atmosphere for customers and staff plays an important role in all of this. The system also works in the opposite direction. If people approach the sensor range of Organic Response, the light setting changes from the energy-saving minimum to the optimal lighting level.

Graphics: LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH. Graphic: LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH. Organic Response is a wireless plug-and-play system that can be easily used for lighting control in various areas via app control. Organic Response makes light balanced, more sustainable, digital and intelligent.

Small but powerful

Hidden at the heart of this unique system is what we refer to as sensor nodes. This is where all data is collected. The system is controlled via the corresponding app and, what’s more, the app is so intuitive and easy to use that no external specialists are needed. After a little training, you can easily change the settings as needed.

What happens with the collected data?

All sensor data is collected in a cloud. The more data is gathered by the sensors, the more efficient the intelligent lighting concept. The available data allows companies to calculate where efficiency increases and energy savings are possible.

Intelligent lighting as needed

The Organic Response system is used, among other things, to analyse all fed-in data. This allows to draw conclusions regarding the attractiveness of goods. At the same time, it is possible to use the data to optimise the range of products.

The lighting control system also provides data that helps with the maintenance of technical devices. Everything is happening discretely in the background without the customer noticing anything or feeling disturbed.

Organic Response is an open system which means that it can be coupled with and connected to other apps or additional intelligent services. This means that the lighting infrastructure and its data can be used for indoor navigation, customised illumination, guiding crowds at events or ensuring efficient evacuation in cases of emergency to name only a few.

Retail revolution: Organic Response for an energy-efficient shopping experience

Light is an important means in retail to make shopping a pleasure for all senses as it takes over various functions. It helps customers to quickly find their way, sets highlights and a stage. After all, goods are best presented in dramatic lighting. This holds true both for retail stores and shopping malls or product displays in department stores. Light creates the right atmosphere, directs the customers’ attention to the goods, helps guide customers and emphasizes the brand image. Light can draw customers into the store and inspires them to stay longer, look at all the different products and buy them.

With Organic Response it is possible to reap all the benefits light can offer. Another equally important aspect is the efficiency of the overall system as it is the prerequisite for profitability and success. Organic Response creates spaces that can be used more efficiently and help minimize the carbon footprint at the same time.

Intelligent light solutions from LTS are more topical than ever.

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