Norwegian technology company, Disruptive Technologies (DT), creator of the world’s smallest commercially available wireless sensors has announced the launch of its new Sensor Starter Kit. The company says the kit is the “easiest and most affordable way for developers to test the plug & play sensor solution and for DT to enable them to validate new software solutions quickly and efficiently”.

Disruptive Technologies created the Starter Kit to help developers disrupt and fuel sensor solutions that will contribute to a more efficient, sustainable, and safe world. The hardware and infrastructure are built into the kit and it enables developers to test and build.

The kit allows users to test the complete DT sensor solution and includes 5 sensors (temperature, proximity, touch, humidity, water), a 4G/LTE Cloud Connector, the DT web app (Studio), as well as detailed developer documentation. The sensors stick anywhere, last up to 15 years and can be added to an application in an instant with integration via webhooks or a full REST API.

DT’s sensor solution is currently being used to make buildings more efficient and sustainable, in applications like remote monitoring, cold storage (food and beverage, hospitality, pharmacies), occupancy (rooms, desks), energy optimization, smart cleaning, and health and well-being.

The sensors have also been previously applied within the energy sector and manufacturing & warehousing. Other examples touch on the area of safety and security, with alerts for open doors & windows, personalized notifications with touch buttons, and alerts for water leaks.

Disruptive Technologies sensor kit

As tiny as a stamp (19x19x2.5mm), the sensor weighs just 2 grams, is wireless, and sticks to almost anything with its adhesive backing. Image: Disruptive Technologies.

“We want to empower disruptive solutions for a more sustainable world and we are thrilled to be offering our groundbreaking sensors in our Sensor Starter Kit to developers everywhere”, said Bengt Johannes Lundberg, CEO of DT.

“The kit will allow developers a hassle-free way to validate our technology before integrating the sensors into an upcoming project. Developers are now able to test, explore, and have confidence in our solution and tiny sensors, empowering them to think bigger with smaller. There is no setup or pairing required and all documentation and pricing are open and public, which we know is important”.

The cost of the kit is 6499 NOK / 669 EUR / 579 GBP / 649 USD and includes a one-year subscription for all the sensors and Cloud Connector.

You can find more information about the Disruptive Technologies sensor kit on its website.

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