Newsight Imaging and LIPS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop, promote, and facilitate eTOF® (enhanced-Time-Of-Flight)-based 3D vision systems for Industry 4.0 use-cases and AIoT.

LIPS is a designer, builder, and customizer of 3D depth cameras, middleware and turnkey solutions for machine vision and AI applications in a variety of industries. Newsight Imaging develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips for 3D machine vision and spectral analysis. Newsight’s depth camera sensors for machine vision serve verticals such as Mobile & Metaverse, Robotics, Industry 4.0 and Automotive Safety.

The agreement formalizes the collaboration of both parties to work toward integrating Newsight’s advanced Series NSI1000 depth sensors and the upcoming NSI9000 into LIPS 3D camera and system solutions. The agreement further allows a direct channel between the R&D teams to ensure a fast design-win and mass production of the new products.

Newsight recently announced the upcoming release of the NSI9000 one-chip (non-stacked) CMOS image sensor solution for depth imaging. The sensor is a result of five years of collaborative innovation by Newsight and its partners such as Fraunhofer and Tower-Jazz. The company will be offering a complete demo system using its eTOF Lidar reference design starting in August 2022.

Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with Newsight and enhance our growing portfolio of LIPSedge™ 3D cameras and solutions. Newsight’s advanced depth sensors will allow LIPS to build new and exciting 3DxAI solutions targeting both industrial 4.0 and AIoT markets with innovative edge capability”.

The vision systems are designed for Industry 4.0 safety, process improvement, and automation applications. The connective devices will support AIoT platforms for the intelligent cross-industry and multi-purpose 3D vision solution. AIoT applications are bringing intelligence to the cutting edge, as it moves the analysis to the IoT device itself, eliminating any delay in the processing.

Eli Assoolin, CEO and Co-Founder of Newsight Imaging, noted: “Newsight is very pleased to add LIPS, a strategic player in 3D vision, to our growing eTOF® based products’ customer base. The combination of Newsight’s sensors with LIPS’s deep technology solutions will offer the market an opportunity to benefit from high-end 3D solutions in a very affordable and a mass-volume-oriented pricing scheme”.

Find more information about the collaboration between Newsight Imaging and LIPS on the companies’ respective websites.

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