New Mapping Navigation Option Enhances Kivnon K05 Mobile Robots

by | Mar 6, 2024

Kivnon K05 Mobile Robots

Kivnon announces the integration of intelligent mapping navigation into its renowned K05 Twister. This innovative feature caters to users seeking enhanced flexibility and higher-density storage and retrieval capabilities, surpassing the limitations of traditional magnetic floor strips.

By embracing mapping navigation, businesses can achieve higher storage density while eliminating the need for a physical guidance infrastructure, making workflow adjustments a breeze in response to changing business needs.

Xavier Munells, Director of Product Management at Kivnon, said:

“In today’s dynamic business environment, manufacturers face increased volatility, intricate product requirements, and rising floor-space costs. To address these challenges, we’ve introduced laser-guided mapping navigation to our popular K05 mobile system, empowering businesses to implement high-density storage strategies and adapt them almost instantly.

“It not only streamlines operations and reduces costs but also accelerates product delivery. Furthermore, it enhances the aesthetics of the workspace, providing a more visually appealing environment.”

Benefits of Intelligent Mapping

The K05 mapping relies on its location and navigation based on elements present in the environment. It is equipped with laser sensors that collect essential data about the physical environment, such as walls and landmarks, to generate a virtual map where paths and tasks for the unit are established.

The ability to set routes and tasks on a virtual map eliminates the need for physical elements like RFID tags, allowing for increased density of actions in a physical area and greatly facilitating modifications to the circuit of the units.

K05 Twister AGV Feature Set

The addition of mapping to the K05 Twister AGV complements its impressive array of features, designed to optimize the transport of medium loads in specific processes and small spaces. Its compact chassis measures 800 mm x 800 mm x 280 mm, can carry up to 450 kg onboard, and tow up to 1,000 kg on a wheeled trolley, reaching speeds of up to 1 m/s along cyclical or conditional circuits.

The AGV is capable of precise stops and seamless interaction with other AGVs/AMRs, machines, systems, and fleet management systems, including those based on VDA 5050 standards. The new model could come with a lifting table or retractable PINs options and boasts a 360º rotation on its axis. With rechargeable lithium batteries, added with laser scanners and safety PLCs, the vehicle offers high safety standards.

The new capabilities make the K05 Twister a perfect fit for various sectors including automotive, plastic, manufacturing, pharma, intralogistics, and other storage areas.

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