Neurocle Auto Deep Learning Vision Software Honoured by the Platinum VSD Innovators Awards

by | May 17, 2024

Neurocle Innovation Stage Automate 2024

Neuro-T 4.0, an ‘Auto Deep Learning Vision Software’ developed by Neurocle, secured the top spot platinum at the 2024 Innovators Awards.

Neurocle, a repeat recipient of the awards, solidified its position as a leading inspection software by introducing AI-based auto-labelling tools and the Defect Generator (GAN) Model. Previously, Neuro-T v3.0 and Neuro-X won bronze awards.

Neuro-T, leveraging auto deep learning algorithms, creates high-performance deep learning vision models with a single click. The core auto deep learning algorithm inside the software automatically selects the optimal model architecture and hyperparameters. Therefore, industry experts even without prior knowledge of deep learning can achieve high-accuracy inspection models.

Also, it offers significant features for image preprocessing, data labelling, model training, validation, and retraining, empowering users for efficient vision inspection. Version 4.0 introduces AI-based Auto-labeling tools, including the ‘Auto-Selector’, ‘Keyword Labeler’, and ‘Shape Converter’, streamlining the labelling process with precision and speed.

It also supports models overcoming data scarcity scenarios, such as the Defect Generator (GAN) and Unsupervised Models. Neurocle provides unsupervised learning models that train solely on normal data including Anomaly Classification and Anomaly Segmentation, benefiting customers with minimal defect data.

While at Automate, we spoke to Eunseo Kim, Marketing Manager at Neurocle. She explained the importance of their Defect Generator:

“We have developed more new models because, in the manufacturing field, there are not many defect images to make the deep learning model. The generator creates the virtual defect images and overcomes the data scarcity situations for the users, allowing users to adopt deep learning in automated inspection.”

Along with securing the Innovators awards at AUTOMATE, Neurocle also engaged with various partners, paving the way for entry into the American market. Neurocle’s auto deep learning vision software garnered attention from various production technology teams, including those specializing in vehicle components, diamond, and steel surface inspections, etc.

One Neurocle business development manager expressed satisfaction, stating, “Sharing our software’s excellence at AUTOMATE is gratifying. It’s a pivotal step for our entry into the American market, and we’ve achieved remarkable results.”

Looking ahead, Neurocle remains focused on business expansion and product development.
They will showcase the Platinum award-winning Neuro-T 4.0 at SPS Italia in Parma, Italy, and release version 4.1 in June, featuring enhanced learning techniques and new models.

Eunseo also told us that Neurocle is excited to attend VISION in Stuttgart later this year.

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