MVTec Software Opens its First Subsidiary in Taiwan

by | Apr 10, 2024

Mvtec Software Taiwan Jash Chu Edward Tsai

MVTec Software is strengthening its activities in Taiwan and establishing its own subsidiary in Hsinchu, southwest of Taipei.

The new subsidiary was opened on April 1, 2024, and is intended to further intensify the exchange with customers from Taiwan.

Martin Krumey, Vice President Sales at MVTec, explains the background:

“Our goal at MVTec is to be close to our customers worldwide. Taiwan is a strategically important market for us. We believe that with our increased local presence, together with our local partners, we can understand and serve the needs and requirements of our customers even better.”

MVTec has already had a sales office in Taiwan since 2020. This will now be relocated from its previous location in Taichung to Hsinchu and upscaled into a subsidiary.

Expansion of presence for greater customer proximity

In terms of personnel, MVTec is focusing on continuity in Taiwan. Jash Chu and Edward Tsai, who were already working in the sales office in Taichung, are the first two employees of the new subsidiary MVTec Taiwan Co., LTD. The expertise of the sales office employees will help MVTec to further expand its presence on the Taiwanese market and intensify its proximity to local customers.

Jash Chu, Technical Sales Manager, explains:

“Our powerful software products HALCON and MERLIC are already well known in the market. With the new subsidiary, we are now able to provide customers with even faster and more comprehensive support for their specific, often very complex inquiries. This service directly from us as the manufacturer helps to get even more performance out of the machine vision applications.”

Edward Tsai, Sales Manager, adds:

“We have been working with strong local partners, such as sales partners or hardware manufacturers, for years. We want to maintain these partnerships and expand them accordingly for the benefit of our customers.”

To achieve these goals, the number of employees in the new subsidiary will be increased further over the next few years.

Enormous potential in the semiconductor industry

“Our focus sector in Taiwan clearly is the semiconductor industry. Automation and the corresponding use of machine vision, including our software, are already very advanced here. Nevertheless, the market is growing very dynamically. We decided to open the subsidiary to meet the increasing technical challenges in particular,” says Martin Krumey.

MVTec Software GmbH was founded in Munich in 1996. The MVTec software products HALCON, MERLIC, and the Deep Learning Tool are developed at the Munich headquarters. By using modern technologies such as 3D vision, deep learning, and embedded vision, MVTec software enables new automation solutions as well as their use in demanding sectors such as the semiconductor industry, battery production, or electronics industry.

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