With MVTec MERLIC, a software for machine vision, it is possible to both develop and solve complete machine vision applications even without any programming knowledge.

On April 20, 2023, MVTec Software will launch the latest version 5.3 of its easy-to-use machine vision software MERLIC. For one thing, customers can look forward to a new deep learning feature. Secondly, user-friendliness has been further enhanced. These improvements are in line with the company’s goal of offering powerful machine vision software for beginners as well.


Making the latest technologies easy to use in practice

“Since version 5.0, we have established a regular release cycle at MERLIC,” explains Dr. Maximilian Lückenhaus, Director Marketing & Business Development at MVTec Software GmbH. “This means that our customers can use a new MERLIC version with the latest machine vision technologies every six months. We make sure that all features are easy-to-use. This means that even complex machine vision applications can be implemented with our software without any programming knowledge.”

The new version of MERLIC includes the deep learning feature of object detection. It enables the finding and identification of objects. The new tool complements the deep learning technologies already integrated in MERLIC, namely anomaly detection and classification, Deep OCR and Global Context Anomaly Detection.


New tool for deep-learning-based object detection

The deep learning technology for object detection is now also available in MERLIC. The “Find Object” tool locates trained object classes and identifies them with a surrounding rectangle (bounding box). Touching or partially overlapping objects are also separated, which allows the counting of objects. Labelling and training are possible without programming knowledge using the free MVTec Deep Learning Tool. The trained network can then be loaded into MERLIC and used with a single click.


Plug-in for Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC PLCs  

With MERLIC 5.3 it is possible to communicate directly with the widespread Mitsubishi Electric PLC via the MC/SLMP protocol. This is made possible by a newly developed plug-in included in MERLIC. This plug-in supports the Mitsubishi Electric iQR, iQF, L- and Q-series. MERLIC thus offers significant added value for customers working with Mitsubishi Electric PLCs.


Training functionalities in the MERLIC Frontend

With the new version 5.3 it is now possible to use training functionalities in the MERLIC Frontend even during runtime. For example, new matching models or code reading parameters can be trained. This means that the end customer can also perform training for other products directly on the production line in the MERLIC Frontend. This significantly increases flexibility and application possibilities.


Tool grouping for clearer workflows

MERLIC helps solve complex machine vision applications, even without programming knowledge. The visual Tool Flow supports this. To maintain an overview even with complex applications, it is now possible to group several tools into a virtual tool inside the Tool Flow.


Concise startup dialogue for easy access to functions and machine vision applications

Usability is one of MERLIC’s unique selling points. To further strengthen this ease-of-use approach, a start dialogue with thumbnails was integrated into the MERLIC Creator. This allows users to get an overview of their most recently opened MVApps. All standard examples are clearly displayed. Especially for new users, these offer an orientation to reliably create their applications. In addition, helpful introductory material as well as the documentation can be easily accessed via quick links.


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