Welcome to another digital issue of MVPro Magazine! As the title ‘Refresh’ might suggest, this issue is designed to update you on some of the latest innovations as we wave summer goodbye for another year.

Refresh’ features the second part in an informative interview from FRAMOS. After our last issue featured FRAMOS’ Zala Škrgulja Eder and Okan Ülgen, a technical specialist discussing the world of embedded vision, the two return to explain the supply chain challenges and the evolution of sensor technology.

We also have an exciting brain stimulation project from the BRAINSTORM team. Researchers from the University of Glasgow are working on a cross-Europe project which aims to develop a revolutionary new method for treating neurological disorders.

Elsewhere, NordVPN provide excellent advice on how to protect your biometric data from cybercriminals! Adrianus Warmenhoven, a cybersecurity expert at NordVPN, explains the risks of using biometric data and provides several preventative measures to stop your data from being compromised.

Machine vision plays a significant role in automotive manufacturing, even in Formula 1 cars. Surplex explain which machines are used in upgrading Formula 1 vehicles, from the initial concept to the racetrack!

Sticking with this topic, Rudolf Schambeck, a Senior Channel and Market Development Manager at
Zebra Technologies, gives us three reasons why automotive manufacturers are turning their attention to machine vision.

‘Refresh’ also includes some of the latest news stories from the world of machine vision and image processing. This includes a new NanoSSD from Innodisk, advancements in LUCID Vision Labs’ cameras, changes in management at Seco, an update for Softing Industrial’s DataFEED OPC Suite, and new SWIR cameras from Xenics.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy this issue of MVPro Magazine. Be sure to fill out our survey on machine vision in packaging automation, for the chance to win an exciting prize!

Matt Williams

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