Welcome to another digital issue of MVPro Magazine! As the title ‘Insight’ might suggest, this issue features interviews with industry experts, providing us with a better understanding of how machine vision giants are run.

The first of these interviews come directly from FRAMOS. The company’s Social Media & PR Manager Zala Škrgulja Eder speaks with Okan Ülgen, a technical specialist at FRAMOS. They discuss Okan’s role at FRAMOS, the optics segment in the world of embedded vision, and some of the challenges faced by customers.

Next, I was delighted to interview LUCID Vision Labs’ General Manager Torsten Wiesinger. Torsten and I discuss his role in the company and the exciting range of products which LUCID will display at automatica in Munich. He also shares the secret to LUCID’s success, which has seen the company rapidly become a key player in machine vision.

Meanwhile, the innovative uEye LE camera from IDS allows for the automated inspection of rigid endoscopes. Dovideq Medical Systems’ automatic endoscope tester LightControl utilises the IDS camera, allowing them to avoid risks for patients and medical staff.

The ever-developing automotive industry has greatly benefitted from Neurocle’s deep-learning software. Neuro-T allows engineers to successfully perform complex inspections at a fraction of the usual time.

Elsewhere, Zebra Technologies help to keep people and food safe. Zebra’s new electronic sensors and machine vision systems enable food and beverage companies to ensure food safety across the supply chain.

Although machine vision is still largely male-dominated, seven influential women in the industry made a big statement at Automate in Detroit last month. The seven experts walked the show floor in vibrant dinosaur costumes to stomp out stereotypes which continue to affect the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Lastly, we have some of the latest news from machine vision and image processing. Photoneo unveils a new generation of ambient light suppression technology, and Wachendorff uses NFC instead of cables and boxes.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy this issue of MVPro Magazine, and I look forward to meeting
so many of you at automatica in Munich later this month!

Matt Williams

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