Hello, and welcome to an exciting print issue of MVPro Magazine! With so many trade shows and conferences on the horizon, we decided to bring you a special issue jam-packed with exclusive interviews and trade show previews, plus a roundup of all the latest stories from the world of machine vision & image processing.

As the title ‘Showcase’ suggests, this issue of the MVPro Magazine is centred on the upcoming trade shows and conferences where the industry’s big players will present their innovative solutions. We kick things off with a rundown of the EMVA Machine Vision Conference, Automate, Automation UK, the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference, and Automatica.

Elsewhere, I was fortunate enough to speak with Georgy Das, the Director of Systems and Training at Midopt. He explains Midopt’s role within the industry, outlines some of their most exciting new solutions, and discusses their plans for 2023.

The interviews don’t stop there, with an exclusive Q&A with KlearNow.AI’s co-founder Rick Tellez. He discusses the company’s most popular solutions, and which industries benefit from their work. He also provides a preview of some upcoming product releases and outlines KlearNow.AI’s plans to expand in the future.

Following last year’s immensely successful VISION show in Stuttgart, I caught up with Messe Stuttgart’s Jacqueline Roth to find out what the plans are for next year’s event. We also discuss the highlights from VISION 2022, which returned to its best after the pandemic had restricted previous events.

The first of our individual trade show previews comes from Musashi AI, who have outlined their top products, their plans for Automate in Detroit, and where to find them at the show.

Meanwhile, we hear from Neurocle’s Marketing Manager Sooyeon Cho. She outlines the plans for Automatica, discusses some of Neurocle’s most successful products, and tells us where to find them at Automatica.

We also receive the low-down from Photoneo’s PR Specialist Andrea Pufflerova, with the company set for a busy few months! Andrea explains which industries benefit most from their innovations, and provides Photoneo’s booth locations for Automate, Automatica, and the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference.

The industry is constantly evolving, with developments occurring every day. To get a better idea of where the industry is heading, I caught up with Chris Yates, a Partner at Mergers & Acquisitions firm Vision Ventures. He outlines some of the most significant developments in recent years, and predicts how the industry could advance in the years to come.

I also once again spoke with Zebra Technologies’ Tom Lambert, to find out about their latest advancements, and which events they will be attending this year, including the aforementioned UKIVA Machine Vision Conference.

This issue also includes information on the upcoming Robotics Summit & Expo, which takes place in the Boston Convention Center, along with news stories from Allied Vision, AAEON, Panasonic, MVTec, Basler, Nord Security, ABB, and Leuze.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this extra-special issue of MVPro Magazine!

Matt Williams

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