Hello, it’s been a while! Welcome back to another issue of MVPro Magazine, our first of 2023. I’m delighted to kick off a new era of MVPro Magazine, offering a more concise look at some of the industry’s biggest stories. This issue is jam-packed with stories from the likes of Teledyne, Zebra and SVS-Vistek, to name a few.

Starting off with Teledyne, who share an exciting product video which demonstrates how robotics can achieve perfect doughnut production. Doughnuts are used as an example to showcase the capabilities of robotics. The video promotes collaboration, featuring explanations from FANUC’s Sales Manager Christian Schulte, Cretec Cybernetics’ CEO Alexander Trebing, and Cybernetics Specialist Svenja Walle.

Elsewhere, Automate is back once again! The trade show will take place in Detroit, Michigan, from the 22nd to the 25th of May. We were treated to the first in a series of fascinating webinars, hosted by A3’s Vice President Robert Huschka, who explains what Automate is all about.
Cognex expands the capabilities of its In-Sight® 2800 vision system to include optical character recognition (OCR), enabling it to decipher human-readable characters on reflective, low-contrast and non-flat surfaces with ease.

Meanwhile, Michelin and Proovstation collaborate to unveil Tirestation, a fast and reliable solution for automated tyre inspection. They explain how it works and outline the benefits of their solution.

New code reading solutions from Strelen Control Systems use high-resolution cameras from SVS-Vistek to identify tiny codes within very large fields of view.

Zebra provides improved facilities to its customers globally, by launching a new Advanced Tier of Machine Vision Specialisation within PartnerConnect for the most skilled partners.

Our industry news section brings you the latest on Emerson’s new ultrasonic metal wielder, the 17th Image Sensors Europe conference, Rohde & Schwarz’s plans for Mobile World Congress, Mitsubishi Electric’s AI solutions, MVTec’s upcoming Innovation Day, and TKH Vision Group’s all-new ‘Vision Solution Center’.

Lastly, as next month sees us celebrate International Women’s Day, we at MVPro Media intend to produce a feature which celebrates women in machine vision and image processing. As such, I would be delighted to hear from women in the industry to find out about their own experiences. So don’t hesitate to send me an email with your thoughts!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of MVPro Magazine.

Matt Williams

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