MaxxVision Presents New Vision Sensors and Code Readers for Range of Applications

by | Mar 11, 2024

maxxvision new vision sensors and code readers

MaxxVision is expanding its product portfolio to include vision sensors, code readers and handheld scanners from Hikrobot. The products with integrated deep learning algorithms offer enormous cost savings potential compared to the products of the competitors.

Smart cameras, vision sensors, code readers and handheld scanners

New to the portfolio of the German machine vision distributor MaxxVision are “smart products” from its supplier Hikrobot: Smart cameras and vision sensors with resolutions of up to 25 megapixels for the field of industrial image processing, as well as code readers and handheld scanners, which are used in particular in the fields of automation and logistics. Thanks to integrated deep learning algorithms in some of the products, even tasks that cannot be solved with classic tools can be mastered.

What makes Hikrobot products stand out?

“The new Hikrobot products may not cover 100% of all applications,” says Sayed Soliman, CEO of MaxxVision. “But they handle all common applications – at a fraction of the price of comparable products from competitors. With Hikrobot, we offer a high-quality, cost-efficient and highly competitive product range.”

Especially in the current phase, where companies are reluctant to make new investments and the cost factor is once again coming into focus, Soliman sees opportunities for Hikrobot products on the market – also for system integrators who want to work with MaxxVision.

Booth at Logimat and Control

MaxxVision invites interested parties to see for themselves and evaluate the products free of charge or to visit the Hikrobot booth at Logimat in Stuttgart (March 19-21). As the German representative of Hikrobot, the MaxxVision team will also be on site at booth 7B61. MaxxVision will also be represented at the Fraunhofer joint booth at Control (April 23 – 26).

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