MaxxVision Launches New Series of High Resolution 1″ UV Lenses by Myutron

by | Nov 23, 2023

MaxxVision Launches New 1 UV Lenses

MaxxVision is expanding its portfolio of optics for machine vision with UV lenses from Myutron’s HF-UV series, the Japanese manufacturer’s latest innovation.

Defect detection on wafers and IC chips
Myutron’s 8.1 MP HF-UV series lenses enable precise detection of scratches and irregularities, for example on wafers, PCBs or IC chips. The UV lenses reliably detect even the smallest defects that would be difficult to identify in visible light.

Ideal in conjunction with IMX487 and GSENSE 2020BSI
The UV lenses of the HF-UV series work in the range of UV (ultraviolet) to VIS (visible light) and are currently unique on the market due to their 1” sensor size. They are ideal for Sony’s IMX487 and Gpixel’s GSENSE 2020BSI sensors. The focal lengths are currently 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm.

Areas of application of UV lenses
Possible areas of application for the lenses are semiconductors, R&D, life science, recycling, and many more.

MaxxVision GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, has been one of the leading suppliers of industrial vision products in the DACH region for 20 years. The distributor’s portfolio includes components for industrial image processing such as industrial cameras, optics, lighting, including the appropriate peripherals, as well as zoom and PTZ cameras.

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