Market launch: Ensenso N 3D cameras for robot vision

by | Nov 16, 2022

Resolution and accuracy have almost doubled, the working range has increased, yet the price has remained the same – those who opt for 3D cameras can now benefit from “next generation” Ensenso N models from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH. Furthermore, these new stereo vision cameras (N31, N36, N41, N46) are available with short delivery times. Discover now what is possible with Ensenso.

Ensenso N stereo 3D cameras feature a compact housing with integrated pattern projector and are suitable for capturing both stationary and moving objects. With the Ensenso N31, N36, N41 and N46 models, IDS is now launching the next generation of the previously available N30, N35, N40 and N45.

Visually, the cameras do not differ from their predecessors, but the new models score with new low-noise sensors with higher resolution (2.3 MP instead of 1.3 MP) and are available with GigE Vision. Even under difficult lighting conditions, their integrated projector projects a high-contrast texture onto the object using a pattern mask with a random dot pattern, thus filing in the structures that are not present or only weakly present on the object’s surface. All cameras are pre-calibrated and therefore easy to set up. The Ensenso selector on the IDS website helps to choose the right model. The website also features all technical details regarding the new camera models; click here to learn more.

Whether space-saving stationary or in mobile use on a robot arm: with Ensenso N, customers choose an industrial-grade 3D camera series that delivers reliable 3D information even in difficult lighting conditions. This is also demonstrated by the Ensenso case studies in the IDS Knowledge Base: Whether in large-scale laundry or single-part picking, to support remote-controlled industrial robots in hazardous environments or in logistics, the cameras prove themselves in a wide variety of tasks.

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