Looking Back at Automate 2024: Specim Presents Waste Management Solutions

by | May 28, 2024

Specim Automate

Although we are now several weeks removed from a highly successful Automate show, it’s never too late to look back at one of the highlights; our visit to the Specim booth.

We caught up with Minna Törmälä, Specim’s Head of Global Marketing, who gave us a quick rundown of what Specim offers. She introduced us to their SpecimONE solution, a spectral imaging platform which is revolutionising hyperspectral technology. It features Specim’s FX17 hyperspectral camera.

The demonstration showcased different samples on the conveyor, highlighting the versatility of this technology. The solution can be used to sort pharmaceuticals, waste, plastics, textiles, and food.

Minna explained:

“All are based on the same principle. We don’t separate materials based on their appearance, colour, shape or size, but on the chemical composition of the material. The machine can pick out appropriate materials regardless of the application.”

Automate was a successful show for Specim too, allowing them to reach a US audience. It wasn’t the only show they attended in the US that week. Minna revealed that Specim were also attending the Waste Expo in Las Vegas, which took place from May 7th to 9th.

Minna added:

“Waste sorting is one of the biggest applications of hyperspectral imaging, so we are excited to be attending the Waste Expo in Las Vegas to present our solutions.”

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