Leuze Achieves Goal – Company is CO2 Neutral in Germany

by | Feb 22, 2023

Thanks to improved energy efficiency, Leuze has become a CO2-neutral company in Germany. Indirect emissions in the supply chain will also be examined going forward.

Environment Social Governance (ESG) is part of the Leuze company strategy. For Leuze, growth means taking responsibility – for the environment and society, too. In this context, The Sensor People have achieved an initial goal that they were aiming for: the company is CO2 neutral in Germany since 2022.

Improved energy efficiency
As part of their growth strategy, Leuze had set the target to become CO2 neutral in Germany by the end of 2022. To do so, the company first examined its direct emissions and on this basis, it optimized the issues that were identified: thanks to comprehensive investment in new buildings and the modernization of existing buildings, it was possible to achieve a substantial reduction in energy consumption. Leuze was also able to significantly improve its energy efficiency in production: this was due to a massive expansion of its own renewable energy generation using photovoltaics, among other measures. As a result, The Sensor People were able to reduce last year the purchase of electricity from external sources by about half. Leuze has been using 100% green electricity by external electricity for years. Some of this is supplied by Leuze’s own, leased hydroelectric power stations. The vehicle fleet has also been optimized: hybrids and fully electric company cars are already in use. And more will follow. In addition, Leuze provides charging stations to its customers and employees. The company also offers its employees “Job-Rad” (bicycle to work), and opportunity to charge e-bike batteries at the company.

Preventing deforestation
In order to avoid direct CO2 emissions, Leuze supports an international forest protection project in northern Brazil on approx. 148,000 hectares. This is not related to reforestation but is a project that supports the preserve the rainforest as a natural CO2 store. The forest protection project saves emissions by avoiding the deforestation of the jungle.

Sustainability remains firmly on the agenda
For Leuze, it is not enough to avoid direct emissions. As an international company, The Sensor People also want to make a contribution to more sustainable management worldwide. Therefore, it also includes checking the indirect mission in the supply chain. With most companies, these make up a large part and are more difficult to implement. In this context, the question arises: where do the components come from? How and in what conditions are they manufactured? Do these reflect Leuze’s ethical and ecological ideas? What does this mean in terms of competition? In order to get answers and initiate improvements, Leuze carries out regular audits, not only in Germany but also in manufacturing countries such as Asia.

For a circular economy
Further, Leuze also plans to become CO2 neutral on the product side. For this purpose, individual new sensor series are already being considered in the sense of the “cradle to cradle” approach. In this context, The Sensor People check to what extent a specific product contributes to CO2 emissions and what this means for system operators with Leuze sensors.

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