Kaya Instruments’ Camera Line, a Highlight of Automate 2024

by | May 15, 2024

Kaya Instruments

During our time at Automate 2024, we were fortunate enough to speak to countless experts in the industry. One of our highlights was at the Kaya Instruments booth, where we met Nathan Cohen, Director of Sales and Business Development.

Nathan showed us their frame grabbers, which run on a range of platforms. He explained, “We are showing off the fact that we’ve got frame grabbers that run with GPU, Linux or Windows, offering flexibility with one, two, four or even eight channels in CLHS or CoaXPress over fiber in our standard CXP.”

The company also presented a range of cameras, including a new 127-megapixel global shutter CMOs-based camera, which can reach 20 frames per second at 10 bits. This camera excels as it’s the smallest of its kind on the market. It is also very light and powerful and boasts the lowest power consumption of its kind on the market.

Nathan went on to explain the uses of Kaya Instruments’ camera line:

“They are very good for OEMs, and are excellent for anything that needs to be mobile, due to their low power consumption. The low power consumption is phenomenal because if you’re running on battery, it’ll run for a long time.”

Another benefit of their camera range is their compatibility. Kaya’s products are compatible with the vast majority of frame grabbers. They also offer range extenders, allowing users to convert the signal and send the cameras several kilometres away from the PC, making them invaluable in manufacturing.

Nathan adds:

“Our products are made up of industrial grade components, making them capable of operating from -40 degrees, all the way up to 85+ degrees. We’re only manufacturing one board, so we’re passing the savings onto our customers.”

Kaya Instruments is headquartered in Israel and has an office in the United States. The company has operated since 2007 and has around 50 employees in engineering and administration.

After Automate, Kaya Instruments is keen to continue its presence at major events. Nathan confirmed to us that they will be attending VISION in Stuttgart. He also said that discussions are ongoing about attending Yokohoma, and the SPIE Show in Edinburgh.

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