ITALA® cameras for high performance fasteners sorting machines

by | Dec 4, 2023

Machine vision has a long tradition in the fastener industry. In fact, this industry typically requires a combination of high accuracy and throughput that only an automated system can achieve. In this white paper we will discuss about DGSORT, a high-performance sorting system that integrates ITALA® cameras by Opto Engineering®.

DGSORT by Datagest is a 100% belt sorting system designed to inspect the size and shape of objects including screws, pins and bolts up to 120 mm in length. The system has sub-centesimal precision and reaches rates of up to 700 pieces per minute.

To ensure the desired performance, DGSORT integrates an ITA89-GM-10C camera with a 9 MP Sony Pregius sensor. In terms of optics and illumination, a combination of telecentric lenses and illuminators is used to achieve the high accuracy required. A traditional system for this type of field of view, however, would be rather bulky, which is why Opto Engineering’s CORE technology was employed.

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