New in the product line for intelligent image processing: IDS NXT malibu enables AI-based image processing, video compression and 4K streaming.

Industrial camera with live AI: IDS NXT malibu is able to independently perform AI-based image analyses and provide the results as a live overlay in compressed video streams via RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol). Hidden inside is a special SoC (system-on-a-chip) from Ambarella, which is familiar from action cameras. An ISP with helpful automatic features such as brightness, noise and colour correction ensures that optimum image quality is achieved at all times.

The camera is equipped with the 8 MP IMX678 sensor from Sony’s Starvis 2 series. It ensures impressive image quality even in low light and twilight conditions. The new 8 MP camera complements the recently introduced camera variant with the 5 MP onsemi sensor AR0521.

Even more image analyses at the NXT level

To coincide with the market launch of the new model, IDS Imaging Development Systems has also published a new software release. Users now also have the option to display live images from the IDS NXT malibu camera models via an MJPEG-compressed HTTP stream. This enables visualisation in any web browser without additional software or plug-ins. In addition, the AI Vision Studio IDS lighthouse can be used to train individual neural networks for the Ambarella SoC of the camera family. This simplifies the use of the camera for AI-based image analyses using classification, object detection and anomaly detection.

Easy entry into the world of AI and cameras

The IDS NXT AI-based vision system is designed to be quick and easy to operate for any user group – even without detailed knowledge of machine learning, image processing or application programming. Customers benefit from a complete system that includes both cameras and software. The IDS NXT system is also characterised by user-friendly workflows: It provides step-by-step support, from capturing images to training the neural network and implementing the application. IDS NXT thus offers an excellent basis for the intelligent use of image processing in an industrial context.

By the way: If you would like to find out more about what IDS has to offer in the field of AI-based image processing, you can find interesting videos about both IDS NXT and the possibilities of the DENKnet AI system on the company’s Vision Channel here

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