How You Can Teach Energy Awareness With at Home Energy Storage Device

by | Nov 24, 2023

hr bank

With growing concerns about sustainability and energy conservation, educating children about these issues at home is increasingly important. An exercise bike and mobile sustainable energy storage device “HR Bank” offers a hands-on approach to teaching about energy generation and conservation.

 Fossil fuels, the main responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, currently supply about 80% of the world’s energy, while a staggering 66% of the primary energy used to create electricity is wasted by the time it reaches the end-user. In this situation, there is a crucial need for early education on the issues of energy conservation and sustainability. A mobile sustainable energy storage device “HR Bank”, created by Tukas EV, is not only a source of clean energy but is an interactive educational tool fostering a lifelong understanding of energy conservation.

Energy Education for Kids

Last year, when unprecedented energy prices hit Europe, the citizenry across the EU adopted various measures to reduce energy consumption, from turning down heating to spending less time in saunas. The efforts paid off: the EU was the only major electricity-consuming region to experience a significant decline of 3% in electricity demand. But the energetically-conscious behavior not only helps to reduce energy bills. As energy generation is still highly dependent on fossil fuels, more conserved energy means less greenhouse emissions. For this reason, the efforts to conserve energy should start at an early age.

Educating kids about energy is vital for a sustainable future, as highlighted by Aurelijus Jaškulis, COO of Tukas EV: “Teaching young minds about energy conservation and efficiency is crucial for making informed, environmentally conscious decisions.” This approach fosters awareness in children about the importance of energy sources and environmental preservation. It also sparks their curiosity in renewable energy technologies, encouraging them to think innovatively about global energy challenges. Such education not only equips them with essential skills for a changing world but also instills a sense of environmental responsibility, shaping a more sustainable planet.

Hands-on Learning Experience

In an educational sense, explaining the workings of energy to children can be a challenging task as the energy concept is extremely abstract. However, hands-on experiments can give much clearer insights into the principles of energy generation and conservation, making complex ideas tangible. Recently unveiled “HR Bank” is an exercise bike and mobile sustainable energy storage device that can harness kinetic, solar, and wind energy, or tap into surplus electricity, generating electricity and storing it for later in its 2kWh battery. It can also be integrated into educational settings allowing children to witness firsthand the benefits of energy conservation.

Aurelijus Jaškulis, COO of Tukas EV and one of the creators of “HR Bank” said that children were one of the inspirators of the new exercise bike: “The idea of the exercise bike that generates and stores energy was born looking at the children who always need to put somewhere their vital energy.  “HR Bank” sparks curiosity in children who are eager to use this device for games. Then they start pedaling and gain firsthand insights into the effort required to generate energy and the associated costs. This is a transformative learning experience that fosters a lifelong understanding of energy conservation, responsibility, and environmental consciousness.”

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