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Gareth Ingram explains how Teledyne was affected by the pandemic. Gareth works as the Executive Vice President & General Manager in Digital Imaging at Teledyne.


Gareth Ingram – Executive Vice President & General Manager, Digital Imaging at Teledyne

Gareth Ingram – Executive Vice President & General Manager, Digital Imaging at Teledyne

MW: How did Teledyne adapt during Covid?  

 GI: Teledyne faced many of the same challenges as our competitors during COVID. A worldwide shortage of semiconductor parts, ensuring the safety of our production floor staff, keeping a schedule for new product introductions, and delivery of orders to our customers were all priorities that I believe we managed well.

A strong and secure IT protocol helped to make the transition from working on-site to work-from-home for some of our team helped us stay on track and continue along our path for new product introductions and continued support for our customers. We are grateful to the entire team for their diligence, and especially our production floor and technicians for their ability to continue to work through what has been a very challenging time. 


MW: How much has Covid changed the way Teledyne is run?  

GI: Like many of our suppliers and competitors, we understand that COVID has changed many facets of work for our employees. The underlying requirement is still about manufacturing leading-edge components and ensuring the performance of those products. That has always been the case and hasn’t changed.

With the stoppage of so many opportunities to meet in person, I think it’s fair to say that we are looking forward to seeing many of our customers and suppliers during the fall trade show season. At our facilities, we expect to maintain many of the protocols and procedures we’ve put in place to ensure a healthy work environment. 


MW: Did Covid give Teledyne the opportunity to reflect and research new ideas? 

GI: Our research & development teams have continued to pursue new ideas. We expect to unveil some of these at the upcoming fall trade shows. Stay tuned. 


We at MVPro Media would like to thank X for taking part in this interview. Find out more about Teledyne here.

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