To find out how the industry changed during the pandemic, MVPro Media’s Matt Williams spoke to several innovators in the world of machine vision. To see the full list of our pandemic interviews, click here. 

In this interview, Jennifer Lee MBA explains how Chroma was affected by the pandemic. Jennifer works as the Director of Marketing at Chroma.


Jennifer Lee MBA –Director of Marketing at Chroma

Jennifer Lee MBA –
Director of Marketing at Chroma

 MW: How did Chroma adapt during Covid?  

JL: To help countries around the world increase testing for the COVID-19 virus, Chroma Technology Corp. moved to three-shift, seven-days-a-week production of desperately needed optical filters required for digital polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test systems.  


MW: How much has Covid changed the way Chroma is run?  

JL: Chroma placed its priority on the production of these filters, reshuffling manufacturing scheduling and capacity. As an essential business, Chroma moved quickly in early March to reorganise operations to safeguard worker health while ensuring uninterrupted supply to customers. Ramping up on short notice to round-the-clock production presented a challenge, but Chroma’s employee-owners were willing to do whatever was necessary to support this important work.  


MW: Did Covid give Chroma the opportunity to reflect and research new ideas? 

 JL: Chroma’s filters are made in a clean room setting. The company has changed its shifts to minimise the number of people who are in the building at the same time. Chroma also made accommodations for workers who are particularly vulnerable to the virus, such as those whose immune systems are compromised, by creating an overnight shift on the weekend. 


We at MVPro Media would like to thank Jennifer for taking part in this interview. Find out more about Chroma here.


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