FRAMOS Introduces FSM-IMX570 Devkit for ToF Cameras

by | Mar 6, 2023

FRAMOS has launched a new development kit for vision system engineers who are working to develop Time-of-Flight (ToF) devices for industrial and robotics applications.

The FSM-IMX570 Devkit provides vision system engineers with a simple, coherent framework for quickly developing a working prototype of an indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) embedded vision system based on Sony’s leading iToF technology.  The development kit is built around Sony’s IMX570 iToF image sensor, and includes the necessary hardware modules, software drivers, and documentation to allow engineers to integrate the system with widely-used platforms like NVIDIA’s® Jetson™ embedded computers and create a working camera prototype within a few hours.   FRAMOS can customize elements of the development kit, including the form, size and layout of the printed circuit boards. FRAMOS also provides support with driver compatibility issues, and the addition of software features. They can port functionality to specific platforms and operating systems, and change the optics and illumination features to support specific applications and operating distances for the camera. The FSM-IMX570 Devkit includes a FRAMOS sensor module board, with the Sony IMX570 sensor; a laser illumination board; a sensor adaptor board, to provide synchronization with the laser illumination and on-board depth processing, and a FRAMOS processor board adapter, to provide connectivity to the NVIDIA® Jetson family of embedded computers, including the Jetson Xavier™ and Jetson Orin™ platforms.

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