Robust, IP66-certified 3D camera for industrial environments.

Designed specifically for industrial environments, the D400e 3D depth cameras from FRAMOS use advanced Intel® RealSense™ stereo depth sensing technology to deliver exceptional performance in all lighting conditions. Thanks to their long cable lengths and robust M12 connectors, they can be used in even the most demanding environments.

Full bodied IP66 rated cameras – the series offers full bodied IP66 rated cameras, and board-level modules for easy and flexible integration into your design.

100m GigE connection – the series supports cable lengths up to 100m with Gigabit Ethernet and are equipped with dust-and-water resistant housings.

M12 and M8 connectors – robust M12 and M8 connectors allow for deployment into the most harsh and demanding environments.

Multi-camera setup – use proven network topology to enable the setup of multiple cameras for better depth reconstruction.

Stable data transmission – stable and latency-free data transmission over longer distances is as important as uncomplicated integration.

Intel®’s RealSenseTM SDK2.0 -leverage your existing code base when coming from the USB cameras in an almost plug-and-play manner.

3D depth sensing camera for various applications

Starting with Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Gesture recognition and hand tracking, Robotics and automation, Biometrics and facial recognition, Retail and advertising, Industrial automation – the applications of 3D depth cameras continue to expand as the technology evolves and new use cases emerge.

Robotics Pick & Place

The integration of 3D industrial cameras and depth cameras, along with AI algorithms, has revolutionized industrial robotics, enabling them to function as independent working companions that can perceive and react to their surroundings with exceptional accuracy. By using real-time 3D sensing, these cameras can quickly detect and classify objects, allowing for rapid responses and precise movements. As a result, quality assurance has improved significantly, and the cooperation between humans and machines is now safer and more efficient.

Logistics and Freight Management

3D industrial and depth cameras have enabled driverless vehicles, mobile robots, and AGVs to automate logistics with precise object recognition and efficient navigation, resulting in increased efficiency and support for processes and workers.

3D Skeleton Tracking

By utilizing 3D industrial cameras and depth cameras, it is possible to detect and fit human shapes into a skeletal model, reporting joint positions accurately in 3D. Additionally, the system can highlight the discovered skeletal geometries and work with multiple skeletons simultaneously within the camera’s field of view.

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