A new Emergent Vision Technologies presentation has touted the benefits of high-speed GigE cameras for machine vision.

Emergent Vision Technologies, a pioneer in high-speed GigE Vision cameras and vision technologies, releases its latest presentation on industrial cameras ranging from 10GigE to 100GigE designed for machine vision applications.

John Ilett, president, CTO, and founder of Emergent Vision Technologies, dives into GigE Vision technology, including a comparison of the GigE Vision stream protocol (GSVP) to remote direct memory access (RDMA), RoCE (RDMA over converged Ethernet), and the transmission control protocol (TCP). He describes an optimal implementation of GVSP, which splits headers and data in acquired Ethernet frames in hardware such as NICs into separate buffers to improve network performance, as opposed to conventional GigE, which uses software-based splitting to strip headers off GVSP packets and place image data from payload packets into a contiguous memory buffer.

“Software-based header splitting increases CPU usage and requires three times more system memory bandwidth,” Ilett says. “We work with vendors who support RDMA/RoCE to use header splitting in hardware to achieve the most feature rich and highest performance receiver for today’s most challenging machine vision applications.”


Beyond Traditional High Speed 

The presentation also covers Emergent’s latest 10GigE cameras25GigE cameras50GigE cameras, and 100GigE machine vision cameras. Highlights include a 127.7MP 25GigE camera that reaches 19.9 fps, a 2.5 MP 100GigE camera that reaches 3462 fps, a 10 MP 100GigE camera that reaches 1000 fps, and line scan cameras that reach 608 KHz. Additionally, the on-demand presentation looks at a 36x 10GigE camera demonstration running on eCapture Pro software.

“This high-speed system achieves zero data loss while taking in 210 Gbps of image data and storing it to 8x U.2 NVMe drives,” Ilett says. “For end users looking to scale the system up, we’ve had customers deploy more than 250 of our 25GigE cameras in a single system, exemplifying the ease of scalability.”

Ilett gave this presentation as part of the second annual inVISION Days 2022, which had more than 1,500 registrants. View the presentation on demand here.

Emergent Vision Technologies has more than:

  • 10 years shipping 10GigE cameras
  • 5 years shipping 25GigE cameras
  • 2 years shipping 100GigE cameras

Avoid the imitators, Engage the innovators.

For more information, visit www.emergentvisiontec.com or contact them here: www.emergentvisiontec.com/contact-us.

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