Edmund Optics Displays Award-Winning Lenses at Automate 2024

by | May 23, 2024

Edmund Optics at Automate 2024

Following on from the record-breaking Automate show, let’s take another look back at one of the exhibits we visited during the four-day machine vision event.

This time, we have Edmund Optics, a leading player in the field, who presented a range of lenses, lighting and cameras. While at their booth, we spoke to Gianna Figueroa, Machine Vision Sales Engineer. She showed us a range of products, including their Telacentric lens.

Edmund Optics have engaged in several partnerships, with their collaborative solutions on display at Automate. We saw their upright, automated telescope, which they worked on with Saber1, plus their partnership with CORDIS, focusing on calibration for depth-of-field imaging.

Gianna revealed the latest on their upcoming products:

“We will soon have lenses for larger sensors, including our UAV line. We also have a CA line coming out. We have a high interest in SWIR imaging, so we have SWIR and Infrared cameras that have just emerged on the market. We are a one-stop shop, offering all types of lighting for all wavelengths.”

Gianna also confirmed that Edmund Optics have plenty of interesting applications on the horizon, including a focus on food inspection; a sector which has often been under-utilised in machine vision.

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