Danfoss Power Solutions has announced the launch of its Thorx family of cam lobe motors. The first product, the CLM 8 S motor, is now available. Designed for construction machinery with chain drives, such as skid steer loaders, the compact motor offers better performance, higher efficiency, and a longer lifetime than other cam lobe motors.

The Thorx motor from Danfoss features newly developed two-speed technology, which offers 70% shock reduction when shifting speeds compared to other cam lobe motors. The technology delivers smoother speed changeover with a consistent, quick response time, even at low temperatures, resulting in superior machine handling and better operator comfort. The motor also produces less noise when shifting, further improving comfort.

“We developed our Thorx cam lobe motors in close collaboration with our customers,” said Chris Shrive, head of Cam Lobe Motors, Danfoss Power Solutions. “The first thing they told us to do was reduce shock at speed changeover. We didn’t just meet their expectations; we set a new standard for smooth, predictable, fast changeover, regardless of oil temperature.”

Compact construction is another considerable advantage of the Thorx CLM 8 S motor. By integrating the parking brake rather than bolting it to the rear, the motor is 33% shorter in length than similar products, creating the most compact drive solution in its class. The smaller size results in easier integration and assembly while enabling the use of larger, longer-lasting chains.

The integral parking brake is the toughest on the market, offering a longer service life. Thorx motors utilize a proven brake design that has been optimised to withstand 100 dynamic emergency stops throughout a machine’s lifetime, which is 20 to 25 times more than competitive cam lobe motors.

The Thorx CLM 8 S motor offers 5% higher efficiency than other cam lobe motors, with better starting efficiency and performance at low rotations per minute, plus improved mechanical efficiency at high speed. Operators can achieve faster travel speeds or use less power at the same speed while wasting less energy in the form of excess heat.

“Danfoss Thorx motors have reinvented cam lobe technology,” Shrive continued. “This is the most efficient, most power-dense two-speed technology on the market. Our CLM 8 S motor for skid steer loaders is just the beginning.”


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