Choosing Your Path with FRAMOS: Navigating Optical Image Sensor Module Complexities 

by | Feb 22, 2024

Webinar_Build_vs_Buy-With FRAMOS experts

FRAMOS has announced a free webinar “Build vs Buy: Navigating Optical Image Sensor Module Complexities” hosted by Edge Ai & Vision Alliance. This webinar represents a significant milestone for the company and demonstrates its commitment to providing embedded vision solutions.   

On March 7, 2024, FRAMOS’ Nathan Dinning, Director of Product Management, and Prashant Mehta, Technical Imaging Expert, will present the free webinar “Build vs Buy: Navigating Optical Image Sensor Module Complexities,” hosted by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance.  

The webinar will give you a deep insight into the challenges faced by companies when deciding whether to build or buy an optical image sensor module. FRAMOS experts Nathan Dinning and Prashant Mehta will discuss common development hurdles, including electrical design nuances as characterized using the EMVA1288 standard, the critical alignment of sensor and lens parameters, complexities involved in implementing custom image processing pipelines based on often proprietary and closed technology foundations, and the stringent requirements of module production.

The webinar will also address the latest launch of FRAMOS’s off-the-shelf, ready-to-go FSM:GO optical image sensor modules as a solution to these challenges, offering convenience and flexibility.   

FRAMOS experts will explain how the FSM:GO product line offers multiple combinations of preselected image sensors seamlessly paired with lenses and focus distances, tailored to deliver the best image quality and optimal performance across a diverse range of applications.

Attendees will gain valuable insights on how FRAMOS’ solutions can streamline their vision system development, as well as provide resources for further exploration and guidance on the “Build vs Buy” decision.   

To register for this insightful free webinar, click the LINK.

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